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Apple Maps Uses 7 Year Old Data & Can't Be Updated

If you use an iPhone you already know that Apple Maps for the iPhone sucks. But, what you don't know is that it REALLY sucks. Bigtime. When it launched, we heard, like you did that Apply basically did a sloppy job of this thing. Oh yea, so you'll be driving around and Apple doesn't know where the Statue of Liberty is or they'll steer you down a dead end road or whatever. So what. The day I upgraded my software I checked our location on the map products just to see what we looked like in the new kit. Sure enough, Apple had us wrong. They have us addressed in a town 2 towns away from our actual address in Redwood City and what that says to me is that Apple either a) got their GEO data for free [which is weird, because, you know, they are Apple and could buy California if they needed to] or b) got duped by whatever vendor they bought the GEO data from. The business data they're using is over 6 years old, at least. I know this, because one of the mapping data