Supermoto Wheels From The Pros

Motostrano has been selling supermoto wheels to customers worldwide for a long, long time. In fact, nearly 10 years.

Not a lot has changed in that time frame. We've added a few brands, a few options, but for the most part, the options have remained about the same.

Our best wheelset, the Excel Talon Supermoto wheels are the way to go if you want the best spoked wheel you can buy. The best rims, matched to the best hubs, by the best spokes. No brainer- and thought the flow of inventory has in previous years been a little on and off, it's been more on than off lately and that's a good thing.

Our best tubeless wheelset, if you can get them, if you can wait for them - the Marchesini Supermoto wheels will set you back more cash and more time if you decide to bite the bullet and go tubeless. A good thing to do too if you're a bawler and want the best performing wheels you can own. Just be prepared to wait for your order as NO ONE STOCKS them, not even the dudes in Italy. You place your order, you pay, you wait.  Either that or you don't get wheels.

Warp 9 is a barebones way to go if you just want some damn wheels and don't need the best and want to keep as much dough in your own wallet as possible. And who doesn't want that? Wheels that spin, rotors that stop, sprockets that go. That's really all you need right? Warp 9 Supermoto wheels are the ticket is this is your attitude.

There's a cheaper alternative too and one that's as good as most of the above. Motostrano will lace up new rims to your stock hubs with new spokes. No need to buy a new hub and you get great rims from DID and spokes that do the job. Instant supermoto wheels.

Chances are, if you see a bike rolling down the road or the track with supermoto wheels, they got them from Motostrano.


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