High Wheel Coffee

In our tenth year in business, Motostrano has always tried to be different, to change, to evolve and offer new things for our customers. As the basis for the company, we've always tried to be something more than just a store where you look at things, check a price, buy and leave. We've always wanted to make the shopping experience at the store something unique and real.

In keeping with that spirit, this month we are launching a new effort in our store that's on a totally different tangent and another plain. High Wheel Coffee is a joint effort between the people at Motostrano, the owner Joe and 4 young and energetic entrepreneurs who've spent the past few years gaining some deep knowledge about the caffeinated beverage: coffee. The other thing they've spent the past few years doing is developing relationships and friendships with local coffee drinkers and bike people, so that an opportunity for a real bond and community opens up.

On the best of days, this is what Motostrano has always tried to create. And, let's face it, the past 3 years have been harder than ever to maintain that kind of community. When the opportunity came to meet with Zach, Rae, Enrique and Maurica and talk about their interest in building a new spot for locals get great coffee, get their bike serviced and experience real community in the area, we got down to business and tried to come up with a way that made sense to add in a coffee store to our storefront in Redwood City.

To be honest, we have no idea if this venture will fly or not, but we're giving it a try and hope the world goes for it.

The first thing that had to be established was that no one had any money to do anything. If this was going to happen, it would be using found stuff, borrowed stuff, free stuff, or really cheap stuff. After a few meetings to get all up to speed, we all seemed to be under the same vision.

As of this writing, High Wheel Coffee is being fabricated, brought into reality, from ideas. So far, we've carved out a space by moving the whole front office at Motostrano "elsewhere" to the back of the store. The walls got new paint and now we're going to lay down some new flooring. Next it's time to bring in the coffee machinery and start brewing.

No one in this is in any position to fail. The four kids starting this and putting the time in don't have day jobs. The dreams and time and effort they are devoting to this is real.

In a few weeks, local Redwood City folks will be able to ride, walk or drive to 926 Broadway, experience the smell, the smiles and tastes of High Wheel Coffee. Park your bike in front of the store, or in the store.  Sit at a table and chart out your next route while your ride gets a new set of rubber put on. Listen to some tunes, talk to a person.

We're excited. Are you? Show your love and be a patron.

High Wheel Coffee opens on September 29.


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