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Motostrano Supermoto Wheels

The summer of 2012 is proving difficult for the budget supermoto customizer and conversionizer. Wheels from Warp 9 and DNA have been coming in at a sloooowww rate due to a variety of demand and supply issues. As a result, we've come up with a new product to get folks wheels quick and cheap. Our Motostrano wheel package has been modified to include a set of wheels using D.I.D. supermoto rims laced to OEM hubs. This kit is available as wheels alone, or as wheels and tires and wheels and tires and brakes. A good solution. Laced by Motostrano's professional wheel builders.
Add caption   VANMOOF 3.7 28 Bike No more loose hanging cables! No more rusty dynamo's dangling in your spokes! No more lights stolen off your bike! The secret lays in what's NOT there. The VANMOOF № 3 has a striking aluminum anodized rust-free frame with a highly advanced and unique Philips LED light system built inside its tubes. These LEDS are powered by a fully integrated dynamo hub in the front wheel. The coaster brake is great for the city: unbreakable, light and safe. The thick wide wheels make riding on and off pavements and obstacles go problem free. The broad handle bar, weatherproof SYAD saddle and durable Schwalbe tires top-off the smooth no-nonsense look of this ultimate urban commuter tool. High quality is our number one priority. Therefore, we have chosen for the best parts only. And all this for an affordable consumer price. You don't want an expensive bike in the city!