Test: Ultra Motor A2B Metro Electric Bike

Today we're riding the latest model of A2B Metro bike from Ultra Motor. This bike has been around a good while now and the latest model Metro has numerous upgrades over previous years that make the A2B one of the best bikes in our catalog. This bike has a hyper-modern design, yet rides like a very plush cruiser, with full suspension, great brakes, wide bars.

The Ultra Motor A2B Metro is the bike to get if you don't mind having a bike that doesn't look like a bicycle and behaves more like a moped. The bike's frame, wheels and tires are all wide and burly. As a result, the bike is very planted. Excellent tire grip. Excellent mountain-bike like handling due to the bike's wide bars and full suspension.

What's different in this newest model is a seemingly more powerful motor, a speedo, a front headlight and a tail light- all nice amenities on a bike that is already well-appointed with excellent grade, European-spec controls and levers. 

Out of the box, the A2B Metro doesn't need much, but our technicians still go through each bike to tune and setup the bike's brakes, suspension and derailleur.

The A2B has a comfy seat and the riding position is up and just right for scoping out traffic.

The number one useability test we give an electric bike is how well it does on hills. This latest A2B takes on hills with ease. It's a heavy bike, so it may not be as agile as a Stromer, but it's no slouch either.

The other thing we look at is the bike's controls. The A2B has few controls and those it does have area easy to figure out without reading a manual to do so. Like an Apple iPhone, a well made e-bike should be self-explanatory.

Riding this bike is fun. Commuting is actually fun aboard an A2B. As a bike, you can take it on the side walk and skirt around traffic jams and overly long traffic lights. Skip through traffic and get to the front of the pack with ease. With power you can ride more confidently than a standard bike rubbing elbows with buses and semis with your extra wide girth.

Unlike the Velociti, which has both a battery and motor at the rear of the bike, the A2B is perfectly balanced. Motor at the rear, batter in the front down tube of the frame. 

The bike that comes closest to the A2B in terms of quality and power would be the Stromer Deluxe. In contrast to that, the A2B differs by being more motorcycley. The Stromer benefits by being more bicycley. Ie. if you want a good pedaler and a bike with a motor in disguise, the Stromer is the bike to get. If you dont' mind not looking like a bicycle and you want a plush comfy modern cruiser ride, the A2B is one to consider.


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