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Electric Bikes For People Moving

Riding around town on electric bikes gives you a unique perspective. You are not a bike. You are not a car or a motorcycle. You are something foreign, new, cool and futuristic. You arrive silently. You startle pedestrians on the sidewalk in an entirely different way that a barreling Harley bombing down a silent suburban neighborhood might. You appear out of no where. You are a little invisible, unknown. In disguise. One of the bike brands we took on over at motostrano on a few months ago was the electric scooter/bike hybrid, the FlyKly . Not so much on purpose, mind you. The Flykly came to us when the company's owner contacted us seeking help for a local warranty job for a local customer of theirs who had some technical problems with a recently purchased bike and needed help. Due to our electric bicycle expertise and our general good-guyedness (excellent reputation), or maybe it was our dumb willingness to tinker around on something entirely foreign, we were hired

TEST UPDATE: Stromer Electric Bike

Motostrano has been selling the Stromer Electric Bicycle now for oh six months or so. In spite of the fact that I have full faith in humanity's ability to create solutions with technology, like you, I still hold out a chunk of skepticism when it comes to some stuff. And, even though electric bicycles have been around for practically a hundred years- there's still a lot of smoke and mirrors, a lot of crap-tech and junk-tech that manages to get to market. So, unlike a bike with no motor- we're always in "test mode" with electric bikes. Maybe we are being too hard on them? Comparing an e-bike to all the qualities of a non-motorized bicycle isn't totally fair, perhaps. A traditional bicycle can sit around in a garage for fifty years and still function basically as it did when new. An electric bicycle has other things going on that reduce it's lifespan significantly. Still- we want these investments to last and perform as long and as good as possible. We expec

NEW: Icon Elsinore Boots

We received our first load of the new ICON 1000 Elsinore Boots . They are now shipping. Good looking boots. Extreme looking boots with a comfortable fit. Madmax would wear these, but so can Joe Moto whether he be on a Supermoto hooligan bike, a KLR 650 ADV bike or some blacked out Cafe Racer. It's a classic moto boot. A motorcyclists' motorcycle boot.