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Showing posts from March, 2012, We're Phasing it Out...

Attention Motostrano Shoppers: Over the next few days (hopefully) we'll be phasing out our web site and moving all the of the deals and inventory over to the main web site under the CLEARANCE tab. As cool as the TWS site was, it was always a placeholder for clearance deals, deals of the day and close-out stuff until we integrated this same system into the main motostrano web site. Managing two separate sites was always a bit of a chore. So, presto , the wait is done, and we'll be offering the same deals, the same one-off or limited inventory programs and savings at so you can combine shopping carts and all that good stuff. That is all. Have a nice day.

Felt's Steampunk Muscle Bike: the Deep Six

Motostrano has taken delivery of a small batch of the limited run Felt Deep Six cruiser. What a bike. We wanted them all but Felt would only give us a few. Beautiful deep paint. Matching rims. Details. Cream fat tires. Details. Felt has created a masterpiece with the Deep Six. This is the kind of bike you first bring into your living room, dim the lights, put on some Monk and sip on something deep and mysterious while admiring its lines, its shadows and its undulations. We were talking about this bike today in the studio and as much as any bike should be ridden, we feel that this bike should not. It's kind of a fantasy bike. An imagination. It feels a bit like it comes from another world and perhaps doesn't actually operate in our world. Or it maybe has some secret controls of operation. Should be steered by an alien with 3 heads and 2 fingers. But it doesn't and you can ride it.