Stromer Electric Bike - Commuter Modifications

We have been working with the new Stromer Electric Bicycle now for about two months. The base model of the Stromer is the Deluxe Model of last year. Same bike, same price, upgraded.

As a base bike, the Stromer is excellent. We are calling this the Mercedes of the electric bike world. It really is that good. But, there are some simple improvements we've been able to incorporate into the bike and we have created our own model from the modifications. We're calling it the Commuter.

In actuality, the mods come from actual customer requests on bike orders. The Stromer, we are finding is quote popular with Silicon Valley execs who are happier commuting by bike, instead of car. And why not? It's the best way to travel.

So, for starters, to mod this bike into an effective commuter, we added a Topeak rack to the back. The bike has a disc brake, so we used the rack that allows space for the disc brake. Next we added fenders. After adding the rack, there was really no room to add a full rear fender so we purchased a down-tube mounted plastic spash guard that is nice and wide and will deflect road debri and water off the rider just fine. We then added a plastic front fender, the slide-on type. Both of these are matt-black and match the bike perfectly.

The standard seat on the Stromer is a little hard, so we swapped it out for a slightly more comfortable "comfort" gel seat. It has the same look as the stock one, is not too bulky and is a lot more comfortable.

Finally, we changed out the front chainring with a 43 tooth sprocket, giving the bike some added top end speed.

We'll soon be adding on some luggage, perhaps a front rack and some other gismos. One of the addons that haven't worked out yet was an integrated light system, connected to the bike's main battery.

The Stromer Electric Commuter bike is available at Motostrano/Suburbanbikes for $3050 including all parts and set-up.


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