Supermoto Fenders for your Motard Conversion

one of the first things you'll do during your supermoto conversion, is select a universal supermoto fender.

There are 4 major brands of supermoto fenders available. there's one other maker that we don't care for, so we dont offer it, by Maier.

All of our supermoto fenders are universal: ie. they will fit any bike and each requires you to drill your own mounting holes on to the plastic, usually with the help of a supplied template for drilling.

Each type of supermoto fender varies in style. All of them are are "supermoto" in that they are shorter than the average MX fender, since the front wheel of a supermoto is smaller than on an MX bike.

Each fender retails for something in the range of $30 or so. Each comes in all the big brand of fender colors so you can match or not match to your bike's plastic.

Motostrano sells more supermoto fenders than any store on the planet. We stock all major brands and all colors and fenders are included in most of our supermoto conversion kits.


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