Suburbanbikes, a test tube baby is born

A couple of years ago I got the idea to slowly start offering bicycles to our customers at the Motostrano retail store and on our web site. More of a test, really, to see if it would work, or whether folks would freak out.

Since that time, I've spent many hours on the side building out the concept, the brand and the vendor partners, "incubating" this new company within Motostrano, the parent. Over the past two years, we've slowly grown our bicycle business, adding inventory, learning from customers, what they are looking for. And, Im happy to say that ithout any real "birthdate", its become apparent, that Suburbanbikes is now a live creature. The chick has hatched.

Though still a work in progress, Suburbanbikes offers customers a place to come for casual and commuter bike riding. We're stocking classic and retro-style cruisers from Felt, as well as the whole felt Lifestyle line, including Fixie, City and BMX. Aside from bikes, we're also doing parts and accessories that enable owners to customize their bikes to suit their needs. Once again, as with Motostrano, it's about offering things no other store offers.

More creative types can take a bare cruiser frame, or a complete bike and customize it as they would a motorcycle project. It's fun to express one's creativity onto a bare bike frame.

Suburbanbikes is now a solid part of the Motostrano business. We stock bikes for the local community and customers have been driving from all over California just to view and buy these bikes, because we stock them and know them.

We're enjoying selling these bikes and we hope it shows. Come by our store for a test ride some day.

Suburbanbikes sells

  • Cruisers
  • Fixies
  • Urban/Hybrid Bikes
  • BMX
  • Bike Path Bikes
  • Men and Women's Bikes
  • Electric Bikes
  • Accessories


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