Roland Sands Ronin Jacket at Motostrano

Motostrano has the Roland Sands Ronin jacket in stock. A flagship model in the RSD line-up, they say " The Roland Sands Ronin leather jacket is forged from another time, when men were men and motorcycles were things to be tamed. Burly, yet soft, 1.2MM treated leather cowhide. Tailored to be both fashionable and mean. This is a jacket that is at home on the bike and off the bike. A motorcycle jacket that you can wear all the time."

It's high quality leather, light weight and ready for riding or not. The Ronin is lighter than the The Roland Sands Mission Jacket and uses distressed leather.

Tired of reading "designed in the USA, made in China". Or do you cringe when you see a brand hide their Made in China product by calling it "imported"? RSD has a motorcycle jacket for you. The Roland Sands Tracker jacket is a waxed cotton riding jacket made in the USA. Great looks. Nice price.


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