Roland Sands Jackets and Gloves - Motorcycle Clothing Cool Factor

Have you actually ever read a product description on sales literature for a motorcycle jacket? Sure you have. I have. We all have. But have you actually ever reflected on that? Here's one from Alpinestars:
1.3mm top grade leather with extended perforated panels on the front for ventilation. External PU shoulder protectors derived from Alpinestars Racing Development program. MotoGP profile, perforated, back hump for improved aerodynamic and ventilation performance. Multiple external perforated leather panels on chest and back with foam padding inserts. Innovative side accordion stretch panel to enhance fit and flexibility. Functional accordion stretch inserts on elbow and shoulders. Aramidic stretch panels on sleeves. Fixed liner with 3D mesh liner insert on the back for comfort. -- D-ring waist adjustment. YKK front zip closure and YKK semi auto locking wrist closure....."
Blah, blah blah. It's like reading the ingredients of a bag of Cheetos. It's a JACKET, for crying-out loud. A jacket, for boys to use and ride around on little motorized bicycles so they can then pick up chicks better.

Has it become verboten to ride a motorcycle with a simple honest leather jacket? It seems so. And, to buy one of these high-tech wonders of engineering (it's a jacket), seems to also require all kinds of research and development, your's and the manufacturer's, with lots of HD videos with balding buffed guys in tight blue t-shirts doing reviews and product descriptions on YouTube like they really believed there's something special about the thing.

Does it have to be so complicated? Do we really need to be schooled in the science of buying a jacket?

Not really. Some things should sell themselves and require no introduction. These things stand alone, are timeless and need no props.

One of the primary benefits of riding a motorcycle is the increase in cool-factor obtained by the need (the genetic requirement) for a guy or gal to wear a motorcycle jacket. It would seem to be a given, but if you look around, there's really not much cool about motorcycle biker fashion these days. Highly technical, overly technical, most of the sport or standard bike riding gear available is highly over-engineered and overly purpose-built.

So, it's refreshing, to me, to see the clothing created by Roland Sands for motorcyclists who need good looking gear, made for riding on a motorcycle, but not exclusively so. This is stuff who's primary function it seems is first and foremost: attract chicks. Secondly, it's to ride motorcycles and look good doing it. Thirdly, it's to protect the rider from the elements and maybe a crash and also to keep the rider riding longer, comfortably.

I got to review the line last week here at Motostrano's headquarters and I was instantly sold on the good looks and quality of the whole catalog of jackets and gloves. Motostrano is now selling and stocking the Roland Sands Clothing for cool-factor riding protection.

This isn't stuff you're going to use for a track day. But it's also not fashion-only leather. This is purpose-built riding gear that tries not to sacrifice either style or performance. There's no body armor in the stuff, but there's pockets for it in some of the jackets and if you need armor you can always slip on a protection jacket or back protector by Forcefield or any other brand.

Motostrano's retail outlet and web site will the places where you will be able to find these great garments. We encourage you to visit our store, call our shop or order online.

Motostrano staff can walk you through any sizing questions you have, as well steer you to the right product that is right for you.


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