Rizoma Parts at Motostrano

Motostrano has always offered the best aftermarket parts for your motorcycle. Bolt-on, easy to install performance and aesthetic parts to enhance the look of your bike. Among the best brands we offer include Rizoma, the Italian maker of fine billet parts and accessories for your bike.

Bike customizers of all shades of experience come to Motostrano for these Rizoma parts because we stock them at a good price and because Rizoma parts are high quality billet.

The Rizoma mirrors are enough to make any motorcycle enthusiast drool with envy. Extremely well made, aesthetically enhancing mirrors that change the way you ride and change the way your ride looks.

Currently, no other maker of cool aftermarket sportbike parts offer a more wide catalog than Rizoma. They have multiple types and colors of handlebars to select from. Various ways of mounting these bars. 2 types of custom grips. Color-optional levers, a bunch of brake reservoirs, rearsets, clip-ons and a nearly endless list of other goodies for your bike.

Motostrano is a direct importer of Rizoma products, importing fine Italian billet multiple times per month.

We offer Rizoma for sale on our web site and in our store, at likable prices.


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