Women's Motorcycle Boots

Motostrano doesn't really stock Women's motorcycle boots. Why? because 90% of what's available for women is foofoo junk that really, in our opinion, doesn't belong on a motorcycle, let alone on a person, whether they be a boy or a girl.

Traditional women's motorcycle boots, whether they be by a top name brand or a smaller boot company are traditionally made to be decorative and girly, with only a little thought and design focused on actual protection and rider comfort.

We like our customers. We enjoy them with both feet in good working order. Therefore we like to sell them products that will serve this purpose- protection. You'll see some women's moto boots on our web site (we have to eat) and, yes, some women's boots are sized correctly for the small feet many women have, but not all women are super petite and many women do just fine in smaller men's boots.

We believe there's no reason that women should have sub-par riding boots simply because girls are girly. We believe that a women's motorcycle boot should have the same protection of a men's boot. We believe that a woman's boot should also have the same technical features of a men's boot.

So, with this in mind, we try to stock some of our boots in the smaller men's sizes, when possible. In this economy, stocking very small, or very large sizes, is challenging, but we usually have some on hand for purchase in our store, and our web site is where you can order just about anything.

We do also offer some girly boots. But if asked, we'll steer most women to small-sized men's boots.

Which is why we really like the new ICON Reign Boots for Women. As you can see, this boot differs from the men's boot only in size and foot shape. Built to be more narrow and smaller, this boot shares all the technical features as the men's boot and it doesn't even look diffent.


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