Motostrano October Deals and Scary Offers

Customize it, modify it, build it

Greetings folks! We want to thank our customers, as we often do, and express our gratitude and support for your patronage over the years. Motostrano wouldn't be here without you as our customers and for that we are grateful. As we near to our almost tenth year in business, we're happy to continue to offer you the best and most unique motorcycle parts and accessories - and now bicycle stuff too! Many things in the works for the months ahead- one of which is a totally redesigned and revamped web site, so stay tuned for that.

As we near the cold winter months, we're eager to move some old inventory and get in your hands for some hefty discounts. Our ongoing store sale can be found at our web site. Take a gander over there from time to time and you'll see Suomy helmets at half off, AFX Helmets at 40% off, AGV helmets at 30% off and all types of other gear, clothing, parts and accessories for you and your bike. Good stuff. Great prices.

If you are local, please visit our store again soon. We've redone our store and moved some displays around. We carry the full line of Felt Lifestyle and BMX bikes in our store. Come in for a test ride. These things are just plain, pure, fun. They're very cool, too.

We keep saying that Rizoma simply makes the best aftermarket accessories for your custom motorcycle. From billet functional rear sets, to handle bars, mirrors and cosmetic parts like brake reservoirs, no one is producing the type of products as a complete package as Rizoma and we are very happy to import their whole catalog direct from Italy.

Question? Call or email and you can also simply text us at (650) 918 6259 and get a quick response often 24 hours a day.

Check out our bicycle store too:


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