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How To Buy A Leather Suit

A Helpful Guide For The First Time Leather Suit Buyer Revised 2/11/2011 This essay was written for the motorcyclist in the market for a new leather suit. If you enjoy what you read here or find it useful, please consider purchasing your new suit from . We appreciate the return business and we enjoy providing you with top service on this important purchase. If this is the first time you've been in the market for a leather motorcycle riding suit, or jacket , you're likely going into the experience with little information and a lot of questions. Most motostrano customers come to us looking for a suit armed with recommendations and advice from friends, many of whom also have no idea what makes up a good fitting, quality suit. We're not asking you to ignore those recommendations or your own opinions, because they may in the end weigh the heaviest in your decision on what to buy, but take a moment to consider some new information your buddies may not b

Marco Simoncelli Helmet from AGV

We've been getting calls from folks stock-checking the AGV Marco Simoncelli helmet while they are still available. As of today, good stock in all our warehouses. This will be a great way to remember this great racer, adding an AGV helmet to your collection. Number 58 died on Sunday at the age of 24. Very sad and he will be sorely missed.

Motostrano October Deals and Scary Offers

Customize it, modify it, build it Greetings folks! We want to thank our customers, as we often do, and express our gratitude and support for your patronage over the years. Motostrano wouldn't be here without you as our customers and for that we are grateful. As we near to our almost tenth year in business, we're happy to continue to offer you the best and most unique motorcycle parts and accessories - and now bicycle stuff too! Many things in the works for the months ahead- one of which is a totally redesigned and revamped web site, so stay tuned for that. As we near the cold winter months, we're eager to move some old inventory and get in your hands for some hefty discounts. Our ongoing store sale can be found at our web site. Take a gander over there from time to time and you'll see Suomy helmets at half off, AFX Helmets at 40% off, AGV helmets at 30% off and all types of other gear, clothing, parts and accessories for you and you

Alpinestars Discounts and Clearance Deals

About 3 times each year Alpinestars comes out with great new motorcycle products for just about every kind of motorcycle riding. Leather race suits, under garments, protection, gloves, jackets and pants. At the moment, Alpinestars has the largest collection of quality motorcycle clothing on the market and each year the catalog seems to grow. Fortunately, this also means that, each year, 2 or 3 times a year, many products are discontinued, go unsold or must be put on clearance to make room for new products. Alpinestars discounts and clearance deals are ongoing all year long and you can find these on our web site. The reasons a product may not just sell out entirely are numerous and varying. No one wants to buy a product that no one else wanted to buy- but we sure like good deals. Which is nice when buying Alpinestars because you know that you're going to get good stuff all the time because they invest a lot in their products and have years of experience building great stuff. Jac

Women's Motorcycle Boots

Motostrano doesn't really stock Women's motorcycle boots. Why? because 90% of what's available for women is foofoo junk that really, in our opinion, doesn't belong on a motorcycle, let alone on a person, whether they be a boy or a girl. Traditional women's motorcycle boots, whether they be by a top name brand or a smaller boot company are traditionally made to be decorative and girly, with only a little thought and design focused on actual protection and rider comfort. We like our customers. We enjoy them with both feet in good working order. Therefore we like to sell them products that will serve this purpose- protection. You'll see some women's moto boots on our web site (we have to eat) and, yes, some women's boots are sized correctly for the small feet many women have, but not all women are super petite and many women do just fine in smaller men's boots. We believe there's no reason that women should have sub-par riding boots simply b

3 Kinds of Exhaust for the Husqvarna

You have an exotic motorcycle. It deserves an exotic exhaust. Run of the mill isn't good enough. Motostrano has long supported exotic motorcycles and though known for their lawn mowers and so forth, Husqvarna is also world famous for making rare breed unique motorcycles with a long span of history backing up it's brand and technology. At Motostrano , we focus on the Husqies devoted to road riding. Supermoto Husqvarnas either in OEM or converted form, we've been selling Husqvarna supermoto parts and kits for a long time. For exhaust, we offer exhaust systems from Arrow Husqvarna , Akrapovic and Leo Vince Husqvarna . The most tuned exhausts systems come from our friends at Akrapovic, followed quick by Leo Vince and Arrow Special Parts. All 3 are made in Europe and tested on each bike.