Fall 2011 2012 Alpinestars Gear

The popularity of adventure riding and all the accompanying specialized riding gear that goes with it has become a primary target of Alpinestars in the last year or two. Probably years in the making, Alpinestars is doing all that it can to take some steam away from Revit's adventure riding gear sales, who has raised the bar for a lot of touring gear over the past few years.

Alpinestars isn't one to be shy about it's world-wide reach and you can bet money that Alpinestars motorcycle gear has covered more ground (and more BIG air) than all other riding apparel companies combined. Want to travel around the world in some adventure gear? Why not do it with gear from a company with gear that already reaches the far corners of the globe and in no panzy way? Alpinestars boots are already on every serious adventure rider, protecting ankles and toes for millions of KMs.

For it's latest release, Alpinestars is trying to push the limits of technical adventure gear, building on it's existing heritage of technology, it's patents and it's proprietary knowledge base that you can only get from decades of protection gear making. With names like the the Alpinestars LONG RANGE JACKET, the Cape Town Air DRYSTAR Jacket and the Köln Drystar Jacket, you can tell they are making it clear, these garments are made to take you to some very far corners of the globe.

Besides their High Adventure Riding Gear, astars have updated the Alpinestars Supertech R Boots and the SMX Plus Boots. Both boots have updated with a HIVIS color option that looks killer-fast.

The Alpinestars line of products have been a staple of the Motostrano catalog since our early beginnings. Newbies usually don't know Alpinestars' dominance in the motorcycle world and often get lost in the jungle of good and bad riding gear options that are available to them. It usually take a couple of years of riding experience and a couple of rounds of bad gear buying experience to get to know what's what, what quality gear is made of and what crappy gear is made of. In other words, Alpinestars is certainly a brand for riders "in the know". The latest collection from Alpinestars is highly refined and technical and will appeal to experienced riders looking for very functional, quality gear with great european styling for the sportbike and high adventure riding category.


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