All NEW ICON Fall 2011 Motorcycle Gear

I'm drooling over the 2011 Fall product from ICON. ICON moto has been on such a hard core roll with some fantastic, exciting motorcycle clothing and helmets in the past year and judging by their latest fall 2011 stuff, they're not letting up any time soon. With their complete end to end presentation, ICON is, for better or worse, putting a lot of other clothing companies to shame, or just flat out putting them out of business.

No longer just the "stunter" brand, ICON is really starting to give other makers of moto clothing a serious run for their money. I know, I know, they can't touch the likes of Alpinestars or SIDI in the boot and suit market, but who cares? You can't afford to go racing any more anyway. So, ICON is making some exciting hooligan stuff for the dudes having fun in the street, in the parking lot, in the back alley.

I like the ICON Guardian Alliance Helmet for it's wink at our boys fighting the good fights.

There's a limited edition ICON Hard Luck Jacket that will evaporate before you will realize it's that cool. We don't have numbers as far as how many will be made, but if it's anything like the "metal god" jacket that it copies, this thing won't last long, will be ordered up exclusively from the online shops and then sold on Ebay for double the price.

And since ICON is one of the few truly neutral clothing companies out there, Harley riders now have some black n orange ICON to wear with the new ICON Brawnson Sidewinder Jacket. Good stuff.

Oh and check this out! ICON is making a real motorcycle boot. The ICON Rein Waterproof boot is a touring commuting category killer. j


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