Stromer Electric Bikes at Motostrano

Adding to its catalog of standard and electric bicycles, Motostrano is now a dealer of the popular Stromer Electric Bicycles, manufactured in Switzerland. Stromer is a leading electric bicycle manufacturer producing bikes on a standard mountain bike style bicycle frame. Stromer electric bikes feature a battery in the down tube of the bicycle frame, with a brushless electric motor on the rear hub. This makes for a well balanced electric powered bicycle. With its traditional bike frame, the Stromer is also compatible with most public transportation racks, allowing you to mix your transportation modes between public and private modal transport.

Motostrano is fascinated with alternative transportation machines. Electric bicycles are on the forefront of future and alternatively powered transportation. In addition to the Stromer bike, Motostrano sells the Ultra Motor A2B line of bikes and traditional bicycles from Felt Racing.


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