AGV Helmet 20% Off Trade In Deal

the anti-ratty helmet deal

This is a good deal here. In a nutshell, this deal helps you get rid of that ratty old skank-lid you keep on your tool box or stuffed above your camping gear in the garage AND get 20% off a brand new AGV helmet all at the same time.

We all have them. "Oh yea, that's my old helmet. I keep it around for passengers. See it's signed by Giacomo Agostini's great grandfather". Or, "Yea, lotta miles under that lid, I keep it for when I ride with a chick on the back". Or, "I just can't part with this thing. I've had it for ten years and only went down twice in it. It's still good, right?" No, it's not. Time to get a new lid dude.

So, for a limited time, as in until June 15, in conjunction with AGV, Motostrano is offering you any new AGV Helmet at 20% off the standard retail price when you send in your old bruiser helmet as a trade-in.

Here's how it works

  1. Look over at the scratched up, used up, jalopy of a helmet you have over there in the garage and tell yourself "I need a new helmet".
  2. If you're still not convinced, pick it up and take a wiff of the inside.
  3. Next, visit and check out AGVs complete line of really cool helmets, including the brand new AGV Rossi Wake-Up helmet that just came out, like, today.
  4. Pick out a helmet and order it up online. As you order, enter the code "AGVTRADE" on our billing page in the field that says "Source Code/ Coupon Code". This will slice off 20% off the standard price of any AGV helmet you order online and will code you in for the trade in deal.
  5. Next, send us in your skank-lid. Yes, yes. You're going to actually have to part with it. See our web site for our address and send in a copy of your order to complete the deal.
  6. Here's the rule: if you're ordering a full-face helmet, you need to send in a full-face skank helmet. If you are ordering a MX or Dual sport helmet, you need to send in an MX or DS Helmet, etc. We can't trade in a cruiser half-helmet for a Rossi Replica. Apples for Apples.
  7. Sit back and wait for your new helmet to arrive in the mail.
  8. It's that easy, but if we lost you at step one, email or call with your questions.

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