Gimoto - Custom Italian Motorcycle Clothing

Motostrano has re-introduced GIMOTO motorcycle riding gear to the US market with the complete line of off-the-rack and custom motorcycle clothing products for racers and street riders.

Gimoto, based in Northern Italy, makes custom motorcycle racing suits, jackets, pants and gloves for track and street use. For the past ten years, Gimoto has quietly been making a name for itself in Europe and abroad as maker of fine motorcycle clothing, using latest manufacturing techniques and styles.

Motostrano began importing GIMOTO wear in 2003, delivering custom motorcycle racing suits, jackets and pants to the US market with rave reviews. The recession caused custom suit sales to decline, so the company took a pause from offering GIMOTO in the USA. With the recession now over and people getting back on bikes, customers are again asking for well-fitting leather suits for street riding, track days and racing. Gimoto is being reintroduced to the American market and is now imported exclusively by Motostrano.

Gimoto differs from other custom motorcycle clothing makers. Only Gimoto offers worldclass design techniques rivaling those of the major brands in protection and style. Not only can Gimoto customers own a suit that is as protective as an Alpinestars or Dainese, but it also looks as good too. Combine that with infinite customization options, from size, to color, to logos, name and number and you have an interesting package for the professional racer, the amateur racer, the track day patron and unique street rider.

Ride a BMW S1000RR white/blue/red and want a custom suit to match it exactly? Not problem. Gimoto's on the job. Your and your buddies and forming a pro am race team and going to give the big guys a run for their money in the AMA and need 3 sets of matching race suites for the season? No problem. Gimoto's on the job. Always wanted to have a kangaroo leather custom fit classic riding jacket in purple leather? No problem. Gimoto's on the job.

Gimoto offers road race suits, supermoto suits, minimoto suits, touring suits, suits for men, women and youth. Suits can be made in just about any color and are offered both in Cow and Kangaroo skin.

Ordering up a suit is easy. Call us or visit the Motostrano web site. Download the custom measurements form. Get a friend to help take your measurements. You can send us your measurements and you can also go to to visualize your custom color options.


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