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Gimoto Previews the WAS+ Riding Suit Gimoto WAS+ suit The importance of wearing the proper safety gear is no longer a secret to riders, with all manufacturers seeking to develop new technologies that enhance the riders’ protection. From the same centre that designed an homologated airbag gilet ten years ago, Gimoto, comes a new riding suit, dubbed WAS+. The new product reportedly encompasses the highest levels of resistance to abrasion, impact cuts and tears and seam bursting, with no compromises in rider comfort and quality of fit. After a development lasting more than 1 year and after more than 400 tests have been carried out, the WAS+ suit was confirmed as exceeding CE EN 13595 level 2 – in all sizes and colours including made-to-measure. Arm and leg zones are high risk zones, that require CE homologated impact protectors ('body armour'). Two levels of performance are specified for clothing providing protection against road impacts: clothing designed to give some protectio

Gimoto - Custom Italian Motorcycle Clothing

Motostrano has re-introduced GIMOTO motorcycle riding gear to the US market with the complete line of off-the-rack and custom motorcycle clothing products for racers and street riders. Gimoto , based in Northern Italy, makes custom motorcycle racing suits, jackets, pants and gloves for track and street use. For the past ten years, Gimoto has quietly been making a name for itself in Europe and abroad as maker of fine motorcycle clothing, using latest manufacturing techniques and styles. Motostrano began importing GIMOTO wear in 2003, delivering custom motorcycle racing suits, jackets and pants to the US market with rave reviews. The recession caused custom suit sales to decline, so the company took a pause from offering GIMOTO in the USA. With the recession now over and people getting back on bikes, customers are again asking for well-fitting leather suits for street riding, track days and racing. Gimoto is being reintroduced to the American market and is now imported exclusively by M

If The Boots Fit

If The Boots Fit Motostrano has been selling motorcycle boots for nearly 9 long years. I didn't think of myself as becoming a high tech shoe salesmen when I started this company, but in fact that's what happened, in part And I've come to like that aspect of what I do. I like shoes. I like boots. They let us do what we want to do in comfort and safety and there's something "bionic" about motorcycle boots when you start to analyze them. Motorcycle boots are highly technical pieces of body armor localized at your feet. Without them, think of your feet, unprotected, dangling in the air Motorcycle Boots If The Boot Fits with the whir of four or five buzz saws not 5 inches away, moving around, up and down. That's how I think about it. Kind of like ski boots, but you can't walk in ski boots. Ski boots are kind of lame that way. Motorcycle boots are sort of like what you get when you want a running shoe designed for a cross country race on a volcano on a pla