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2011 stuff on its way

This is the time of year where manufacturers pour on the gravy with all their new additions, remakes and remodels. It's the time of year where we get to go to shows, get wined, get dined and preview product and we get big thick catalogs dumped off by the mail man showing all the new stuff our suppliers are making for us and you.

It's also the time of year that we, as a business, spend a lot of time deciding what to include and what not to include in our catalog of products. Because, the fact is, it ain't ALL great and just because a manufacturer comes to us and has some stuff and a catalog, doesn't mean we'll put onto our web site and let you buy it from us. Yea, we're snobs in that way. We take some time to look at the product, the quality of the goods, the fit and the availability of the product. If it doesn't meet some basic standards, we move on, realizing full well that you or some one you know may end up buying product we turn down from a competitor. Alternatively, if you can already buy this new stuff at virtually every other company out there, we'll also often exclude it from our catalog.

But, here's some new stuff that's made it into our 2011 catalog so far:

  • Some new additions to our already huge collection of Dual Sport Helmetsfrom AFX, ICON and Arai.
  • Street helmets from local boys KALI Protectives. We got the skinny onthese lids just yesterday and they look and feel great. All the same fit and finish as their dirt helmets, along with the great weight savings.
  • Motostrano now offers the full line of GIANT LOOP adventure touring luggage.
  • We have added in a whole collection of adventure bike tires, increasing the offering of on/off road tires. It makes it very easy to compare tread, size and price options.
  • For the first time in our history, Motostrano is now selling First Gear, mainly their adventure bike riding gear.
  • We have added the Antigravity line of extremely light weight motorcycle batteries. Forget buying that $300 carbon fiber doohicky for your Ducati and buy a battery that weighs less than half of your normal battery.
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As always, we at Motostrano appreciate your business and we eagerly look forward to helping you with your motorcycle parts and gear needs. Call us any time at 650 780 9306 and visit our web site. Stop by our store in Redwood City.


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