Art of the Helmet: AFX FX 90 Scalar Helmet

Our "Art of the Helmet" post series explore some of the artistic merits of the motorcycle helmets available at Even the least expensive graphic helmet has an artist behind it. As such, these lids are canvases for self expression and wearing them projects thoughts, images, ideas.

The new SCALAR Helmet from AFX, a new model for 2011, is an eye catching duo tone helmet featuring mechanistic, robotic, electronic graphic imagery in a 360 view around the helmet. Mostly a metal gray color, with red accents, the colorings of the helmet give off a metal, or brushed aluminum robocop look. To the right and left, are two large cylindrical modules that could be robotic motors, or removable covers, shields that give the operator access to the computer brain of the cyborg inside. The red accents coming from under the cover suggest a possible micro-reactor within the cover, a la IRON MAN.

The graphics add to the technological advances that this bare bones helmet perhaps lacks, depending on your point of view.

To the top and the rear of the helmet, there appear to be viewing windows that give inspection access to the computer's internals. Allows for adjustments, fine-tuning, upgrades, data dumps, or emergency shut-off, no doubt

The AFX SCALAR helmet is a sci fi futurists helmet, fitting for computer programmers, hackers, iphone users and other subversives who operate deep in dark depths of cyberscpace. Could be useful in combating aliens, interplanetary travel, etc. When you put the SCALAR helmet on, you are putting on a cybernetic robotic brain controller battle shield. This ain't no ordinary lid. Or is it?

The AFX Scalar(incidentally according to the big W, " a scalar is a simple physical quantity that is not changed by coordinate system rotations or translations (in Newtonian mechanics), or by Lorentz transformations or space-time translations (in relativity). This is in contrast to a vector. A related concept is a pseudoscalar, which is invariant under proper rotations but (like a pseudovector) flips sign underimproper rotations.") is based on the AFX FX90 helmet and retails for a pidley sixty bucks. AFX says the shell design is made from an "advanced lightweight composite poly-alloy", which is intriguing and adds to the mystery of the art on this helmet. T-1000, in Terminator 2, was made of "poly-alloy" or liquid metal.

The helmet features a removable and washable anti-microbial nylon hypo-allergenic helmet liner and cheek pads. These also feature ample ear cavity space for speakers - enhanced remote listing devices required for inter-helmet communicators or listening to pre-recorded musical arrangements over an MP3 player.


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