Alpinestars Durban Boots

What a great boot. And if you got the cajones to rock the black/gold version of this boot, we're going to tip our hat to you. I don't know what it is lately, but color is just not a fashion option these days. Consumers want black and they want it all black. 5 years ago, a vendor could manufacture race boots in yellow, in orange; jackets in bright red, white and blue and pants in white. Now? Impossible. To make a colored garment, even a blue or red item, is a sure bet of making something to fill a close-out bin in a years time.

The Alpinestars Durban boots are a wearable touring and commuting boot. Styling made for on and off the bike use. Soft leather. Very soft and comfortable leather. High end leather. There is a single piece panel that covers the inner. Inner protection is hard plastic, softer heel and front of foot for flexibility.

Top of the foot there are gear shifter inserts.

Buckles are made of light aluminum.

Inside, the boot features a 100% waterproof liner.

Dual sport boot meets tricked out hypermoto, multistrada, ktm 950 super enduro.

Match up the Durban Boot with the Alpinestars Durban Jacket and Alpinestars Durban Pants, both


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