Alpinestars 2011 New Motorcycle Gear

You may have snow on the ground where you are, but it's nearly Spring time, which means it's nearly time to ride (yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee haawwwwwwwwwwwwwww). It also means that it's the time of year that all the new stuff for the year gets released from its development cage and unleashed to the throng.

Alpinestars, of course, has new stuff for you to buy.

The parts of it we like most are some cool looking gloves, called the Alpinestars Scheme Gloves. Made of Kevlar, these gloves seem to be light weight gloves with some good protection.

Alpinestars has also re-introduced and redesigned the ever-popular SMX2 Air Carbon Gloves with cool colors like orange for you katoomers.

Speaking of Kevlar. Alpinestars is either betting on increased interest in it, or they got a good deal on some close-out kevlar, because I'm seeing a lot of stuff made with the material this year.

In fact, there's a jacket, the Alpinestars Matrix Jacket, made out of the stuff. A sharp looking mechanic's style jacket. I'll buy being one of these for meself, thanks.

Lastly, the Alpinestars SP1 suit has got a remake and reduction in color options. Last year's really cool Blue and Red suits weren't the big hit, I am guessing, because the improvement this year is, no red, no black.

However, speaking of COLOR, there is a new very cool leather jacket model out for the sport bike rider. Dubbed the Alpinestars GP R Jacket, I like it in the black/green version. Says Alpinestars
"Designed to let you feel as cool as you look, the GP-R Perforated Leather Jacket features ventilated inserts in its supple, full-grain leather construction for enhanced airflow. • 1.3mm full-grain leather provides the optimum combination of durability, comfort and abrasion resistance. • Integrated Aramidic stretch panels in the shoulders allow full range of movement for extra comfort and control while riding. • Removable and adjustable CE certified Bio Armor protectors in the elbows and shoulders. • Chest and back pad compartments with PE protective padding (Alpinestars CE certified Bio Armor back protector insert and Bionic Chest Guards available as accessory upgrade). • Snap connection system allows integration with Alpinestars’ CE level 2 certified Bionic Race Back Protector (optional accessory). • Internal waist connection zipper allows attachment to selected Alpinestars leather and textile pants."
Sure, why not.


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