AFX FX39 Dual Sport Helmet

AFX helmets is in the process of releasing the all new AFX FX39 Dual Sport Helmet to the masses this February and Motostrano has already begun taking pre-orders for this great lid. You can buy this now at

The word from the manufacturer is that the AFX FX-39 DS gets started exactly where the very successfull AFX 37 DS Helmet left off, making a number of needed improvements in fit, aerodynamics and styling.

Over the past few years, Motostrano has sold more AFX Dual Sport helmets than any one on the planet. They appeal to the Supermoto rider, the Dual Sport rider and even the trail and ATV/ UTV rider who want a good looking and "not very expensive" helmet to ride with. These are inexpensive helmets, by a maker of inexpensive helmets, and a fine alternative for folks eyballing an Arai XD or Shoei Hornet.

The AFX 39 fixes some of the head pressure problems of the AFX 37, a common complaint. The visual distortion from the movable shield also seems to be fixed. The new AFX 39 is also more chistled, more like the new AGV AX8 DUAL helmet that is also due out this month.

This helmet retails for just $129.95 and comes in a wide variety of graphics and colors.


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