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Alpinestars Close-outs - How To Save Money and Get Great Gear

Being one of the larger, if not the largest, supplier of motorcycle clothing in the world - I like to call them the NIKE of the motorcycle world when describing the company to newbies - Alpinestars develops a lot of product each year, a lot of new product. And with the new product, comes a lot of old product, a lot of stuff that needs to be let loose, set to sail, off into the sunset, kicked out the door to more happy trails, instead of some dusty old warehouse. Alpinestars Close-Outs . There's nothing wrong with stuff that's on close-out, or clearance . Even though the stuff that replaces it is supposed to be better- some times it actually isn't! Some times the new stuff comes out and it's cheaper, thinner, less. The old stuff, can be better, more. Sometimes, the close-out stuff has some "issues", or "tissues" as my son would say. A size run will be off, run small, or big, causing chaos at the warranty and returns desk. Sometimes, a $69 gloves shoul

Some Beautiful Warp 9 Supermoto Wheels

The Warp 9 folks had some wheels done up custom with some beautiful orange rims that a customer backed out on. They called us up to see if we would want them and we said sure! We have customers dying for these. Here they are. Really beautiful wheels, border line works of art. Explosive orange color. These wheels are in stock and on display at our store and can be ordered up any time. Just visit our web site, for Warp 9 Supermoto Wheels BUY THESE WHEELS HERE Motostrano, the supermoto specialists, sell more supermoto and more warp 9 supermoto wheels than any one on the planet. Really! Order online with confidence, call us up on the phone, or drop on by our show room. We are happy to help you with your supermoto wheel purchase. In addition to Warp 9, Motostrano carries Marchesini, Excel Talon, DNA, Kite, HAAN and other wheels. You can have them in any color you like. Ready to roll.

Motostrano Now Sells Givi's Trekker Series Cases

GIVI’s Trekker Series CHARLOTTE, N. Carolina. – With over 30 years of injection molded cases GIVI finally breaks the “mold” with our new aluminum Trekker series. With GIVI’s continual efforts to understand and adjust to market trends in line with our proven designs and technical innovations comes the new dual purpose polypropylene/aluminum Trekker case series The new GIVI Trekker series is designed to offer the functionality, durability and style associated with GIVI cases to meet the more rugged and demanding needs of the dual purpose market. The new Givi Trekker luggage series is offered in 2 sizes, 33 liter and 46 liter incorporating our standard full lid opening (clam shell opening) as well as an optional top lid opening for convenient top loading selected by way of a toggle latch. The Trekker is molded in durable polypropylene and the lid is finished with brush aluminum panels secured by stylish, protective molded bands, the fully waterproof Trekker series comes complete with ou

Akrapovic Yamaha World Superbike Team livery for 2011

The 2011 Yamaha World Superbike Team has unveiled the livery they will run for the upcoming World Superbike season. The new design features a Yamaha blue corporate racing colour scheme. The livery takes its inspiration from both the famous Yamaha speed block design and also one of the colours of the current production model YZF-R1, giving the bike a modern sleek appearance whilst emphasizing Yamaha’s racing image. Also for 2011 the team will be using Akrapovic exhausts . The team features an all new rider line up for the 2011 championship with 28yr old Italian rider Marco Melandri, a previous 250cc World Champion, stepping across from MotoGP to partner 24yr old rider Eugene Laverty from Northern Ireland who steps up from the World Supersport Championship.

Motostrano, We Don't Snoop Your Cookies

or, "Motostrano, We're Not Creepy" A funny thing happened this morning, which relates to you, to Motostrano and motorcycling. As it happened, I thought "how can I put a positive spin on this and relay a message to customers, highlighting differences in us vs our competitors", so here goes. Sitting in bed on a wet Saturday morning, husband and wife, divided by toddler, each prone with their various internet gadgetry on their laps. Wife, video surfing some knitting thing on a laptop. Toddler, checking out anything to do with trains. Dad, looking at motorcycle stuff. Wife says "WTF, I'm sitting here looking at a video of the Russian National Orchestra and this cello player - he's an amazing player - and up pops this ridiculous banner ad at the bottom of the screen for some motorcycle company. Why? Do you do that?" "That's a competitor honey. They're advertising on google and must be snooping the search history and cookies on that lapt

Alpinestars 2011 New Motorcycle Gear

You may have snow on the ground where you are, but it's nearly Spring time, which means it's nearly time to ride (yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee haawwwwwwwwwwwwwww). It also means that it's the time of year that all the new stuff for the year gets released from its development cage and unleashed to the throng. Alpinestars, of course, has new stuff for you to buy. The parts of it we like most are some cool looking gloves, called the Alpinestars Scheme Gloves . Made of Kevlar, these gloves seem to be light weight gloves with some good protection. Alpinestars has also re-introduced and redesigned the ever-popular SMX2 Air Carbon Gloves with cool colors like orange for you katoomers. Speaking of Kevlar. Alpinestars is either betting on increased interest in it, or they got a good deal on some close-out kevlar, because I'm seeing a lot of stuff made with the material this year. In fact, there's a jacket, the Alpinestars Matrix Jacket , made out of the stuff. A sharp looking mechan

Alpinestars Close-out leather extravaganza

The Great Alpinestars Close-out leather extravaganza This will known as the sale that rocked 2011. Alpinestars leather jackets starting at $180 in all kinds of sizes, all kinds of colors, available right now, while limited supply lasts. Save hundreds. Save even hundreds over what these were selling for just yesterday. Save money, get a jacket, ride, buy other stuff with all the money you saved. Jackes like the HALO, the Helius, Barcelona, the NYC, CR and Dragster are all marked down for your money saving enjoyment. Pssst. Tell a friend, after you've had a chance to pick out all the good stuff first of course. These are great deals that just got announced today and only come around a couple times a year, so get on it at ! Note- inventory goes fast at these prices. Prices are subject to availability.

Akrapovic Ducati Multistrada 1200 Exhaust is here

The much anticipated Multistrada 1200 exhaust from Akrapovic has finally arrived stateside and we're eager to get them on customer bikes. If you've been eyeballing this can for a while, now's the time to jump on them because only a very few got sent to the US, less than 10. The unique looking exhaust shaves weight, adds horsepower and keeps the noise down. And, it looks a lot better than the Arrow version , in my opinion. And boy does it look good. The Multistrada is absolutely the Penthouse model of the Adventure Bike category.

Scorpion EXO-500 Ardent Helmet

From a distance, the Scorpion Ardent helmet just looks killer. I like the subdued paint job that looks flowing and florescent at the same time. It has a hand-painted feel to it that is not too wild, but is. It quietly makes its point in very dark colors of neon and a pretty scary image on the back too

ICON's Patrol Waterproof Gear

I love ICON's Patrol jacket s, pants and gloves. It's one of the best bits ICON has produced in years, in my view. They're working man's gear. The styling is there, the features are there and this time ICON got it right on sizing too. You don't have to look like this when you put your waterproof stuff on. No one should look like this, ever, in fact. No one sits there smiling like their on the beach when their all wrapped up in rain gear and it's raining. I think if ICON wanted to, they could have made something stupid. Most waterproof gear is. Look around at guys touring around on a cold weekend or in a bad commute and the type of riding gear that typically passes for good wet weather stuff looks like uniforms out of a Canadian circus or an Algerian road crew. It's ok to have some style in the wet and ICON delivers with their Patrol line up. Jackets, Pants, Gloves, Boots. Check out these features: Yellow colorway meet U.S. military PPE hi-visibility specific

Maier Adventure Bike Fenders

Maier has introduced some adventure bike specific fenders and mud guards this spring. Front fenders and rear mud guards are available for some of the more common motorcycles including BMW 650, 800, 1200, KTM 950, Suzuki DRZ and DL bikes. Good stuff. "Maier USA is America's most trusted name in powersports plastics. As the Powersport Industy's largest manufacturer of custom and O.E.M. replacement plastics in the United States, our name and our products have withstood the test of time. Since our inception, we have led the way in producing top-quality bodywork and accessories for powersports racers and enthusiasts across the globe. Proudly manufactured in the USA and distributed around the world, our products have been used by racers and enthusiasts for decades with great satisfaction!"

Art of the Helmet: AFX FX 90 Scalar Helmet

Our "Art of the Helmet" post series explore some of the artistic merits of the motorcycle helmets available at . Even the least expensive graphic helmet has an artist behind it. As such, these lids are canvases for self expression and wearing them projects thoughts, images, ideas. The new SCALAR Helmet from AFX, a new model for 2011, is an eye catching duo tone helmet featuring mechanistic, robotic, electronic graphic imagery in a 360 view around the helmet. Mostly a metal gray color, with red accents, the colorings of the helmet give off a metal, or brushed aluminum robocop look. To the right and left, are two large cylindrical modules that could be robotic motors, or removable covers, shields that give the operator access to the computer brain of the cyborg inside. The red accents coming from under the cover suggest a possible micro-reactor within the cover, a la IRON MAN. The graphics add to the technological advances that this bare bones helmet perhaps lac

Adventure Bike Engine and Crash Guards

Motostrano is now a stocking dealer for the SW-MOTECH brand of adventure bike crash guards and engine guards. Makers of fine protection for BMW GS, KLR 650, Multistrada and the like, SW-MOTECC make skid plates, radiator guards from hard thick welded aluminum sheets.

Moose Utilities Mule Half Windshield

Moose Utilitie s makes aftermarket bolt-on parts for work horse Utility Vehicles. Moose has been trudging along making goods for ATV, Off road and UTV quads for some time and their catalog is now well rounded and solid. Farms, ranches, vinyards and land owners use UTVs to get around and perform tasks that you can't do with a truck or tractor. UTVs are efficient and less expensive than a tractor or truck and can wiggle into smaller spaces better.

2011 Offers Poor Scope For Aftermarket

There's a serious problem in the aftermarket motorcycle arena right now. Very few people can afford to buy a new motorcycle at the moment, which means very few aftermarket companies can get demo bikes to test fit and build aftermarket items for them. 5 years ago, company X could send out an email or post on a forum "FREE Doohicky For Your Bike, just let me borrow your bike for a few days so I can take come measurements for and do some drawings, do some test fits" and 10 guys would show up with the latest model bike looking for a free part. These days, not a one will respond to such an advertisement, because NO ONE is buying 2011 bikes. If they are, they got no time to be chatting on chat boards. The other way a maker would get specs on the latest model bikes, is by going down to the local dealer to take measurements on the show room floor. The problem with this model is that 9 out of 10 motorcycle dealerships are now out of business, gone, defunct, with the vultures at GE

AFX FX39 Dual Sport Helmet

AFX helmets is in the process of releasing the all new AFX FX39 Dual Sport Helmet to the masses this February and Motostrano has already begun taking pre-orders for this great lid. You can buy this now at . The word from the manufacturer is that the AFX FX-39 DS gets started exactly where the very successfull AFX 37 DS Helmet left off, making a number of needed improvements in fit, aerodynamics and styling. Over the past few years, Motostrano has sold more AFX Dual Sport helmets than any one on the planet. They appeal to the Supermoto rider, the Dual Sport rider and even the trail and ATV/ UTV rider who want a good looking and "not very expensive" helmet to ride with. These are inexpensive helmets, by a maker of inexpensive helmets, and a fine alternative for folks eyballing an Arai XD or Shoei Hornet. The AFX 39 fixes some of the head pressure problems of the AFX 37, a common complaint. The visual distortion from the movable shield also seems to be fixed. Th

Alpinestars Durban Boots

What a great boot. And if you got the cajones to rock the black/gold version of this boot, we're going to tip our hat to you. I don't know what it is lately, but color is just not a fashion option these days. Consumers want black and they want it all black. 5 years ago, a vendor could manufacture race boots in yellow, in orange; jackets in bright red, white and blue and pants in white. Now? Impossible. To make a colored garment, even a blue or red item, is a sure bet of making something to fill a close-out bin in a years time. The Alpinestars Durban boots are a wearable touring and commuting boot. Styling made for on and off the bike use. Soft leather. Very soft and comfortable leather. High end leather. There is a single piece panel that covers the inner. Inner protection is hard plastic, softer heel and front of foot for flexibility. Top of the foot there are gear shifter inserts. Buckles are made of light aluminum. Inside, the boot features a 100% waterproof liner. Dual spo

Alpinestars Scout Boots - Dual Sporting Adventures

The Alpinestars Scout is a $279.95 boot that goes up against much more expensive competition in the dual sport adventure bike arena and challenges other models with a smooth price, full and basic features. This boot is suitable for dual sport touring and sport riding. The Scout is made of leather with a water poof membrane. The inner calf leather is smooth for excellent feel on the bike. Hidden impact resistance comes in the form of internal shin toe and heel counters. The stitched sole is engineered for exceptional grip on slippery surfaces with a dual compound rubber. The boot has a removable PE padded footbed and a mesh foot bed liner keeps the foot dry. 3 buckles feature a micro adjustable memory system. This boot is available in 5 to 13 US. A great boot for the multi-strada, klr, big beemer crowd. Available right now at

The New, at Motostrano

2011 stuff on its way This is the time of year where manufacturers pour on the gravy with all their new additions, remakes and remodels. It's the time of year where we get to go to shows, get wined, get dined and preview product and we get big thick catalogs dumped off by the mail man showing all the new stuff our suppliers are making for us and you. It's also the time of year that we, as a business, spend a lot of time deciding what to include and what not to include in our catalog of products. Because, the fact is, it ain't ALL great and just because a manufacturer comes to us and has some stuff and a catalog, doesn't mean we'll put onto our web site and let you buy it from us. Yea, we're snobs in that way. We take some time to look at the product, the quality of the goods, the fit and the availability of the product. If it doesn't meet some basic standards, we move on, realizing full well that you or some one you know may end up buying product we turn dow

Sidi Adventure Gore-Tex Boots

If the standard SIDI Adventurer Boots are too rich for you, well here's a little more sauce for the fire. $625 will get you a GORE-TEX version of the Adventurer boot. The Sidi Adventure Gore-Tex Boots : Features top grain leather, soft rubber sole, removable arch support, cam lock buckle and goes up to size 48 for big guys. Part of the reason for the big price is a larger than normal import duty fee on waterproof boots. I think... let me check, yes, I believe these are the most expensive motorcycle boots we sell.

Alpinestars Adventure Touring Gear

Alpinestars offers a wide range of adventure touring motorcycle gear at all price points. Check out this video Alpinestars has put together highlighting some of the key features and design principals that go into each garment. Durban Gear Put to the Test from Alpinestars USA on Vimeo . Motostrano has been selling Alpinestars performance motorcycling for the past 8 years. You can order the Alpinestars jackets, boots, pants and gloves at our web site, or call our store.

Motostrano Gets Down To Business

Over the past couple of days, among other changes to Motostrano, you will notice a new tab of product categoy- UTV ATV . We added the category to our business to cater to businesses who use Utility Vehicles in their daily work cycles. Wineries, ranches, farms, hotels and business parks. Through our partnership with Moose Utilities , Motostrano is able to offer quality purpose-built products for Utility Vehicles like the Kawasaki Mule and others. Motostrano offers exterior and interior parts, lighting kits, bodywork, bumpers, storage and luggage for all makes and models of UTV. Pass it on!

Escape With Expedition Luggage and Racks

for your worldly and otherworldly travels. Moose Racing is one of the most respected brands in off road gear, hard parts and apparel. For the past few months Motostrano has been selling the Moose EXPEDITION series hard luggage and rack systems which are designed specifically for Adventure bikes, such as the BMW F650 800, the KLR, KTM 640 and DRZ400 motorcycles. The Moose range of expedition hard cases and rack systems are designed to take a beating and hammer through thousands of both on and off-road miles. Customer feedback on these kits has been excellent so far. In the range, there's the complete rack system, which provides all mounting and racking for hard Pelican side cases. There's also a sturdy rear top case rack to mount a hard or soft case to. All in all, a well rounded rack system that is built for the really long haul. And we'll ship any order of these cases over $100 free when you use coupon code: moosex1 Don't forget to check out our CLEARANCE deals at