Pretty Parts For Your Moto

Motostrano has been selling Rizoma's complete line of bolt-on aftermarket motorcycle jewelry for the past 8 years or so. Made in Italy. Imported by Motostrano directly from Italy to our store here in California, it shows- we like our pretty parts, no matter how manly we may be.

Red anodized sprocket bolts. Polished silver rim nipples. Drilled and powder coated clutch covers, with little designs on them. Gold anodized covers for our brake fluid reservoirs. These things are important.

Rizoma is well-known for manufacturing high quality bits for a wide variety of sport bikes, with a heavy leaning on Ducati parts. Clutch covers, rearsets, levers, sprocket covers, mirrors, handlebars and other items are made typically from high quality anodized aluminum and carbon fiber and available in multiple colors. Some Rizoma parts are purely aesthetically oriented giving your sport bike a unique, custom look. Other parts are designed to be functional and ergonomic improvements over your bike's stock set-up.

One of the nice things about Rizoma parts is that all of them are easy to install in your own garage, with basic tools and, even though most of us are not mechanics, there's a particular pleasure we all get out of spending some quality time in the garage, making little improvements to our motorcycles, with basic tools and some care.

For 2011, Rizoma has carried over nearly all of their legacy parts from previous years and they've added a number of very cool items that you may not have seen yet. Give them a look when you have a free moment. 8 years going, there's still nothing quite like Rizoma.


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