The Oldest Thing For Sale In Our Store

Every store has them. Every store wants to get rid of them. Eventually, they may even end up in the trash, given away at some "raffle" at an open house, or some how, some where, a buyer will stumble in, trip over and discover the long lost product they have been searching all over the globe for and tremble with excitement at the thought of paying top dollar for it. These things are: The Oldest Thing For Sale In Our Store.

Typically covered in dust. Often stacked in a box "in the back", many of these things may have been "top sellers" in their day. For various reason, their fame and purpose has faded like washed up performers in some dive bar on off the strip in Vegas.

3 years old, 5 years old, 7 years, sitting on a shelf with no buyer. Some of these things will find their resting place in our store due to a return, following a special order, followed by a clearance from the manufacturer. Others end up here because their style sense quickly and without fanfare came and went out of the consciousness of the buying public without notice.

At some point, they become the joke of the store. "Jeez, that thing is still here!? You know how old that is?". More often than not they are the subject of scorn, the symbol of some unpaid bill, or a bad recommendation from a sales rep with a crappy return policy.

So, we thought, we'd highlight some of these "Oldest Things For Sale In Our Store" from time to time and let you know that we have one of them here, whatever it is, waiting for you, or waiting for your friend, or a friend's friend.

Perhaps not THE oldest thing in the store, but certainly one of them are these boots, in size 5 made by ICON, that have been on the shelf here at Motostrano since.... the Summer of 2006. I hate them. Yea, you read it, size five. We not only have these, we have FIVE of them, sitting here, collecting dust. Can't return them. Can't sell them. I hate looking at them. Women's Icon Bombshell Boots. All the craze in 2006! And, not only are these sitting here, in our store, collecting dust, but as ICON products, "current products" they are price protected by a very strict MAP advertising policy, so we cannot advertise any type of sale on them, can't advertise a discount online for them, in any way. If I could, I'd sell them for fifty bucks. Five year old boots in size five, five them. Purchased likely in error in 2006, some one went a little click-happy on the order button, it seems. But back in 2006 we could actually sell these boots!

Stay tuned.... for more of "The Oldest Thing For Sale In Our Store"....


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