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The Oldest Thing For Sale In Our Store

Every store has them. Every store wants to get rid of them. Eventually, they may even end up in the trash, given away at some "raffle" at an open house, or some how, some where, a buyer will stumble in, trip over and discover the long lost product they have been searching all over the globe for and tremble with excitement at the thought of paying top dollar for it. These things are: The Oldest Thing For Sale In Our Store. Typically covered in dust. Often stacked in a box "in the back", many of these things may have been "top sellers" in their day. For various reason, their fame and purpose has faded like washed up performers in some dive bar on off the strip in Vegas. 3 years old, 5 years old, 7 years, sitting on a shelf with no buyer. Some of these things will find their resting place in our store due to a return, following a special order, followed by a clearance from the manufacturer. Others end up here because their style sense quickly and without fanf

Pretty Parts For Your Moto

Motostrano has been selling Rizoma's complete line of bolt-on aftermarket motorcycle jewelry for the past 8 years or so. Made in Italy. Imported by Motostrano directly from Italy to our store here in California, it shows- we like our pretty parts, no matter how manly we may be. Red anodized sprocket bolts. Polished silver rim nipples. Drilled and powder coated clutch covers, with little designs on them. Gold anodized covers for our brake fluid reservoirs. These things are important. Rizoma is well-known for manufacturing high quality bits for a wide variety of sport bikes, with a heavy leaning on Ducati parts . Clutch covers, rearsets, levers, sprocket covers, mirrors, handlebars and other items are made typically from high quality anodized aluminum and carbon fiber and available in multiple colors. Some Rizoma parts are purely aesthetically oriented giving your sport bike a unique, custom look. Other parts are designed to be functional and ergonomic improvements over your bike

New Rizoma Parts for 2011

Rizoma has released a number of really cool, very beautiful new parts for 2011. Among our favorites are these Ducati Hypermotard Rearsets made with a black and gold finish. Another great item: a billet gas cap for the Z750 and FZ8. Why there's not one for Ducati, we don't know. Ducati owners would be all over this part if Rizoma made one. More

are we not men?

WE ARE MOTOSTRANO The web, with it's cool little graphics, it's flashy flash and formatated text and other nicities is great, but we are, alas, most of us, men. So when it gets down to it, those colorful web sitey things are for girls, for the most part. We are men. We like it barebones. Nitty gritty. We are used to browsing long lists of part numbers, cryptic descriptions, applications, years, titles in giant phonebook-like catalogs from auto companies, gun companies, plumping accessories companies, without any photos, from wholesalers in far off places, like California... Yea, we like a photo of a girl on a bike once-in-a-while, just to keep us awake, but like I say, when it gets down to it, that's fluff. What we really care about are prices and what it is, so we can get it, or not and whether we can hide it from the wife once it gets here. So, here's a list of stuff and prices. Deep discounts on stuff we have in stock right now and that you can buy, on our web site .