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All new 2012 Roland Sands Jackets are now available at . Classic leather motorcycle goodness. Thick, good leather. Excellent styling. Time to ride.

NEW TIRE: Continental ContiAttack SM

Motostrano received a special advanced shipment of the all new Continental ContiAttack SM tire this week. You can order this tire now at or call the shop, or, lay big black patch right in our lot and come get it. Be the first on your block to burn up this new motard rubber from Continental.

Sargent Seats

Motostrano sells Sargent Seats for sportbikes, adventure bikes and some supermoto bikes. We are a Corbin dealer too, however, Corbin restricts their dealers from advertising on the web. A creative way of dealing with the internet, for sure. We like Sargent seats because we can sell them on our web site, but also because they are well made, light weight and have a perfect fit, every time. Comfort wise, Sargent is known for improving the ergos of your bike by giving you more ways to sit on your seat. More ways to sit = more comfort for you. More comfort for you = better riding, longer riding, more riding.

Suter Clutch & Swingarm in the USA

Motostrano will be importer for Suter Clutch , maker of Supermoto and Sportbike slipper clutches and the Suter Swingarm . Suter, a Swiss-German company located in Turbenthal, makes slipper clutches for a large variety of motorcycles for racing. The Suter Swingarm is used by those building supermoto racing machines, with the intent of installing the widest possible rear tire on the widest rear rim, such as a 5.40 wide rim. Motostrano already offers slipper clutches via Hinson, STM and Adige . The addition of Suter and the Suter swingarm means racer bike builders have a US-based source to turn to for sales and support.

Roland Sands Rocker Jacket

Like an old friend, like an old guitar, or an old girl friend, the Roland Sands Rocker Jacket rolls into town as a classic motorcycle jacket that you'll want to sleep in. It's heavy, but not too heavy. It's not as thick as my dead weight Vanson, but it's not thin either. It's burly enough for a lot of riding conditions and it's the kind of jacket you'd want to sport at a good urban biker bar surrounded by 3 or 4 hot women. It's a motorcycle jacket, but it's also a jacket you can wear, as a jacket. For the full specs on the Roland Sands Designs Rocker Jacket , visit To smell the leather on the jacket you'll need to buy one, or visit our store.

Polisport Halo Headlight - Aggressive Styling and Big Output

Motostrano has added an all-new motard headlight to the catalog, this time from Polisport. The Polisport Halo Headlight is ideal for supermoto street riding, streetfighters and dual-sport. Very aggressive styling, it really does resemble some of the sights of the HALO game. Very sci-fi/alien looking. Should be very popular with our motard customers. Polisport is known for its MX plastics and we've been selling their fenders and lights for many moons. Good stuff. Made in Spain. FEATURES: meets CE standards universal fitting with antivibration rubber straps headlight extensions and rubber straps included heat resistant plastic headlight support 12V / 35W halogen lamp powerfull longstanding weight: 820 gr Available at for immediate procurement.

Gimoto Custom Leather Suits

Some of our recent work along with our supplier partners GIMOTO . Custom leather suits in Kangaroo. Call up Motostrano or email us. We can arrange to develop a fully customized leather suit made just for you. Fit to your specific body. A perfect fit every time. Pictured here are two kinds of two piece suits, customized to the owners sizing and color wants. One for men, one form a woman. The middle suit is the GIMOTO Supermoto suit

Acerbis Dual Road Handguards

The uses of plastics on a motorcycle are many and diverse. It's a shame that we are infatuated with expensive material like carbon and aluminum, when some well-made plastic would make aftermarket parts and bike customization so much easier and affordable. The Acerbis Dual Road Handguards are a good example of what you can do with plastic on a streetbike. Good design. Functional purpose. These handguards aren't for racing and they'll fit on most streetbikes. Use them on a sportbike, dual sport or supermoto.

Rizoma Parts at Motostrano

Motostrano has always offered the best aftermarket parts for your motorcycle. Bolt-on, easy to install performance and aesthetic parts to enhance the look of your bike. Among the best brands we offer include Rizoma , the Italian maker of fine billet parts and accessories for your bike. Bike customizers of all shades of experience come to Motostrano for these parts parts because we stock them at a good price and because Rizoma parts are high quality billet. The Rizoma mirrors are enough to make any motorcycle enthusiast drool with envy. Extremely well made, aesthetically enhancing mirrors that change the way you ride and change the way your ride looks. Currently, no other maker of cool aftermarket sportbike parts offer a more wide catalog than Rizoma. They have multiple types and colors of handlebars to select from. Various ways of mounting these bars. 2 types of custom grips. Color-optional levers, a bunch of brake reservoirs, rearsets, clip-ons and a nearly endless list of other

Icon Death or Glory Jacket, Black Large

Motostrano has one left of these classic limited jackets from ICON. Icon Death or Glory Jacket, Black Large

Suburbanbikes, a test tube baby is born

A couple of years ago I got the idea to slowly start offering bicycles to our customers at the Motostrano retail store and on our web site. More of a test, really, to see if it would work, or whether folks would freak out. Since that time, I've spent many hours on the side building out the concept, the brand and the vendor partners, "incubating" this new company within Motostrano, the parent. Over the past two years, we've slowly grown our bicycle business, adding inventory, learning from customers, what they are looking for. And, Im happy to say that ithout any real "birthdate", its become apparent, that Suburbanbikes is now a live creature. The chick has hatched. Though still a work in progress, Suburbanbikes offers customers a place to come for casual and commuter bike riding. We're stocking classic and retro-style cruisers from Felt, as well as the whole felt Lifestyle line, including Fixie, City and BMX. Aside from bikes, we're also doing parts

Some Mouth-Watering Orange/Black Supermoto Wheels

They're hanging right in front of me and it's hard not to like these wheels. Want some for your bike? order them up here in our supermoto wheels section!

Supermoto Fenders for your Motard Conversion

one of the first things you'll do during your supermoto conversion , is select a universal supermoto fender . T here are 4 major brands of supermoto fenders available. there's one other maker that we don't care for, so we dont offer it, by Maier. All of our supermoto fenders are universal: ie. they will fit any bike and each requires you to drill your own mounting holes on to the plastic, usually with the help of a supplied template for drilling. Each type of supermoto fender varies in style. All of them are are "supermoto" in that they are shorter than the average MX fender, since the front wheel of a supermoto is smaller than on an MX bike. Each fender retails for something in the range of $30 or so. Each comes in all the big brand of fender colors so you can match or not match to your bike's plastic. Motostrano sells more supermoto fenders than any store on the planet. We stock all major brands and all colors and fenders are included in most of our supe

New Site Launch for

This week we are rolling out the all-new That's right, after 9 years of being on the same platform, we've moved on to more advanced pastures with more features and more flexibility, which we hope will mean better customer service, an easier to use web site and growth from us as a company. So, this is big, big, news for us and we're very happy to be moving forward with it. Some of the features the new web site has that we think you'll enjoy are Easy to use navigation with pull-down menus at the top of each page Clean, bright design More robust search engine. Search by any keyword, application, color, size More product images More product descriptions More accurate related products Automatic display of products by most popular More sorting options in search and categories Wishlist feature User Profile feature with account history Compare feature Mobile site version for access on your phone or tablet Google Check-out integration Send to Google+ Send to a Fa

Leather gear from R SPEED

R SPEED LEATHERS at Motostrano In the coming weeks, Motostrano will be receiving a first shipment of R Speed leathers and riding gear. At Motostrano we take pride in being able to import goods from all over the world to offer to our US customers. In our history spanning from 2002, Motostrano at one time imported Vertemati motorcycles, Sil Moto exhaust and we continue to direct import Rizoma, Gimoto and other brands. R Speed will be another offering of ours, with off-the-rack suits for supermoto and road race, as well as custom designs. Here are some photos

How To Buy A Leather Suit

A Helpful Guide For The First Time Leather Suit Buyer Revised 2/11/2011 This essay was written for the motorcyclist in the market for a new leather suit. If you enjoy what you read here or find it useful, please consider purchasing your new suit from . We appreciate the return business and we enjoy providing you with top service on this important purchase. If this is the first time you've been in the market for a leather motorcycle riding suit, or jacket , you're likely going into the experience with little information and a lot of questions. Most motostrano customers come to us looking for a suit armed with recommendations and advice from friends, many of whom also have no idea what makes up a good fitting, quality suit. We're not asking you to ignore those recommendations or your own opinions, because they may in the end weigh the heaviest in your decision on what to buy, but take a moment to consider some new information your buddies may not b

Marco Simoncelli Helmet from AGV

We've been getting calls from folks stock-checking the AGV Marco Simoncelli helmet while they are still available. As of today, good stock in all our warehouses. This will be a great way to remember this great racer, adding an AGV helmet to your collection. Number 58 died on Sunday at the age of 24. Very sad and he will be sorely missed.

Motostrano October Deals and Scary Offers

Customize it, modify it, build it Greetings folks! We want to thank our customers, as we often do, and express our gratitude and support for your patronage over the years. Motostrano wouldn't be here without you as our customers and for that we are grateful. As we near to our almost tenth year in business, we're happy to continue to offer you the best and most unique motorcycle parts and accessories - and now bicycle stuff too! Many things in the works for the months ahead- one of which is a totally redesigned and revamped web site, so stay tuned for that. As we near the cold winter months, we're eager to move some old inventory and get in your hands for some hefty discounts. Our ongoing store sale can be found at our web site. Take a gander over there from time to time and you'll see Suomy helmets at half off, AFX Helmets at 40% off, AGV helmets at 30% off and all types of other gear, clothing, parts and accessories for you and you

Alpinestars Discounts and Clearance Deals

About 3 times each year Alpinestars comes out with great new motorcycle products for just about every kind of motorcycle riding. Leather race suits, under garments, protection, gloves, jackets and pants. At the moment, Alpinestars has the largest collection of quality motorcycle clothing on the market and each year the catalog seems to grow. Fortunately, this also means that, each year, 2 or 3 times a year, many products are discontinued, go unsold or must be put on clearance to make room for new products. Alpinestars discounts and clearance deals are ongoing all year long and you can find these on our web site. The reasons a product may not just sell out entirely are numerous and varying. No one wants to buy a product that no one else wanted to buy- but we sure like good deals. Which is nice when buying Alpinestars because you know that you're going to get good stuff all the time because they invest a lot in their products and have years of experience building great stuff. Jac

Women's Motorcycle Boots

Motostrano doesn't really stock Women's motorcycle boots. Why? because 90% of what's available for women is foofoo junk that really, in our opinion, doesn't belong on a motorcycle, let alone on a person, whether they be a boy or a girl. Traditional women's motorcycle boots, whether they be by a top name brand or a smaller boot company are traditionally made to be decorative and girly, with only a little thought and design focused on actual protection and rider comfort. We like our customers. We enjoy them with both feet in good working order. Therefore we like to sell them products that will serve this purpose- protection. You'll see some women's moto boots on our web site (we have to eat) and, yes, some women's boots are sized correctly for the small feet many women have, but not all women are super petite and many women do just fine in smaller men's boots. We believe there's no reason that women should have sub-par riding boots simply b

3 Kinds of Exhaust for the Husqvarna

You have an exotic motorcycle. It deserves an exotic exhaust. Run of the mill isn't good enough. Motostrano has long supported exotic motorcycles and though known for their lawn mowers and so forth, Husqvarna is also world famous for making rare breed unique motorcycles with a long span of history backing up it's brand and technology. At Motostrano , we focus on the Husqies devoted to road riding. Supermoto Husqvarnas either in OEM or converted form, we've been selling Husqvarna supermoto parts and kits for a long time. For exhaust, we offer exhaust systems from Arrow Husqvarna , Akrapovic and Leo Vince Husqvarna . The most tuned exhausts systems come from our friends at Akrapovic, followed quick by Leo Vince and Arrow Special Parts. All 3 are made in Europe and tested on each bike.

Fall 2011 2012 Alpinestars Gear

The popularity of adventure riding and all the accompanying specialized riding gear that goes with it has become a primary target of Alpinestars in the last year or two. Probably years in the making, Alpinestars is doing all that it can to take some steam away from Revit's adventure riding gear sales, who has raised the bar for a lot of touring gear over the past few years. Alpinestars isn't one to be shy about it's world-wide reach and you can bet money that Alpinestars motorcycle gear has covered more ground (and more BIG air ) than all other riding apparel companies combined. Want to travel around the world in some adventure gear? Why not do it with gear from a company with gear that already reaches the far corners of the globe and in no panzy way? Alpinestars boots are already on every serious adventure rider, protecting ankles and toes for millions of KMs. For it's latest release, Alpinestars is trying to push the limits of technical adventure gear

new ICON Reign Boots

Motostrano will be stocking the new ICON Reign Boots starting in the fall. The new Reign boots from ICON fit the bill for a commuter touring boot for sport bike, dual sport and casual riding. One more product to walk out of our foul-weather development center. The Reign boot's easy access and low profile design make it an excellent choice for the daily commute or long distance travel. Rugged waterproof YKK zippers make entry and exit a snap (actually a zip). The waterproof and breathable interior mean your feet stay cool and dry even when it's neither cool nor dry outside. Protection comes by the way of durable leather and a ballistic nylon upper mated with injection molded shin and ankle plates. The lowers feature an axialmetric steel shank along with slip-resistant high friction outsoles. Even with all of these features, we still managed to make them so lightweight and comfortable you may just want to wear them year 'round.Durable leather and ballistic nylon upper 100%

ICON Enchanted Alliance Helmet

Motostrano has begun offering the new ICON enchanted Alliance helmet for sport bike riders. ICON Enchanged Alliance helmet Does any one have any info on this mystical man who fell into his tub? "Legend has it, there once was a man who made LSD in his bathtub. Just as he finished the last step, he slipped on the floor mat and fell in to his home brewed psychadelic primer. He spent the rest of his life unable to communicate with the outside world because his voice had become a beam of energy which could only communicate through the interpretive motions of cats. He became the universe, he had deep conversations with inanimate objects, he flew so fast that light could not escape his harmonic vibrations, the garden was his dancing partner and the sun was his instrument. His story paints a picture that could never be told with words alone."

ICON Heartbreaker gear for women

ICON's come out with the ICON Heartbreaker Jacket and pant combo for women motorcyclists. Edgy, good looking gear the ICON Heartbreaker Jacket comes in black or red and has some sponsor logos and patches on it. The jacket is made to be worn with the ICON Heartreaker pants , which fall into the reinforced kevlar denim riding jeans category and look to be made of the right stuff. We haven't had the opportunity to test fit them on some real women yet, so if you're a woman and would like to donate your body for scientific study, drop us a line. Pants are a difficult item to get right size-wize, so lets hope ICON did their homework before letting these go to final cut.

All NEW ICON Fall 2011 Motorcycle Gear

I'm drooling over the 2011 Fall product from ICON. ICON moto has been on such a hard core roll with some fantastic, exciting motorcycle clothing and helmets in the past year and judging by their latest fall 2011 stuff, they're not letting up any time soon. With their complete end to end presentation, ICON is, for better or worse, putting a lot of other clothing companies to shame, or just flat out putting them out of business . No longer just the "stunter" brand, ICON is really starting to give other makers of moto clothing a serious run for their money. I know, I know, they can't touch the likes of Alpinestars or SIDI in the boot and suit market, but who cares? You can't afford to go racing any more anyway. So, ICON is making some exciting hooligan stuff for the dudes having fun in the street, in the parking lot, in the back alley. I like the ICON Guardian Alliance Helmet for it's wink at our boys fighting the good fights. There's a lim

UFO Motocross Helmets Invading USA!!!!


Ducati Diavel Gets a Full Line of Rizoma Parts

This month Rizoma released its long anticipated line of billet parts for the Ducati Diavel . Beautifully crafted billet aluminum parts are now available to Ducati Diavel owners. It's about time. It's about TIME Ducati Diavel owners get to customize their bikes with some Italian billet parts. Rizoma has released a nice catalog of Ducati Diavel parts based on their long experience with Ducati billet bolt-on parts.. Rizoma delivers the goods with well made and designed bolt on gear, manufactured in Italy. Rizoma offers a front spoiler for the Diavel in two colors. There's crash protection parts, rear sets, frame caps, some very cool comfort bars, plus the whole range of universal parts offered by Rizoma such as turn signals, grips and mirrors that all look great on this beast. Motostrano is a stocking dealer of Rizoma and has been for 7 years. Rizoma is made in Italy and produces parts for Ducati,KTM BMW, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Harley Davidson and Suzuki.

Stromer Electric Bikes at Motostrano

Adding to its catalog of standard and electric bicycles, Motostrano is now a dealer of the popular Stromer Electric Bicycles , manufactured in Switzerland. Stromer is a leading electric bicycle manufacturer producing bikes on a standard mountain bike style bicycle frame. Stromer electric bikes feature a battery in the down tube of the bicycle frame, with a brushless electric motor on the rear hub. This makes for a well balanced electric powered bicycle. With its traditional bike frame, the Stromer is also compatible with most public transportation racks, allowing you to mix your transportation modes between public and private modal transport. Motostrano is fascinated with alternative transportation machines. Electric bicycles are on the forefront of future and alternatively powered transportation. In addition to the Stromer bike, Motostrano sells the Ultra Motor A2B line of bikes and traditional bicycles from Felt Racing .

NEW AGV ROSSI Winter Test Helmet

AGV and Valentino Rossi has released a beautiful limited edition helmet based on Rossi's "Winter Test" 2010 helmet design. Creatively dubbed the ROSSI WINTER TEST HELMET , it features a classic Rossi paint scheme with yellow/black coloring, basic lines and an aggressive look. In our opinion, this is one of the nicest Rossi helmets to come out in a while, which is saying a lot, since the last few helmets to be released have been just great.

Ducati Rider Portrait’s Photo Project Bay Area Photographer Exposes the Soul of Ducati

Press Release Ducati Rider Portrait’s Photo Project Bay Area Photographer Exposes the Soul of Ducati 251 W El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA 94087 Saturday July 16th 2011 Combine the words art and motorcycle in a conversation and the word Ducati is soon mentioned. The bay area is a paradise for motorcyclists and a sanctuary for artists, so an exhibition that combines the two is a genuine showcase of local passions. From July 2nd to July 30th the Sunnyvale Art Gallery will play host to over 40 select portraits from acclaimed photographer Wayne Serrano’s “Ducati Rider Portrait Project”. The exhibition also includes several sculptures of Italian two wheel horsepower, including a rare Ducati Desmosedici RR. For decades Wayne Serrano has worked as an editorial and commercial photographer. His style has evolved to capturing the moments and emotions of real people in the environments that reflects their uniqueness and true spirit. “Looking over a few contact sheets of a motorcycle rider photo-sho

Under Bar bar-Mounted Billet Mirrors

Motostrano sells the "Moto Mirror" for bike builders looking to add a bar mounted mirror that can be mounted above or below bar with ease that is functional, looks good and sturdy. This mirror is sturdy and well made. The manufacturer is a small time shop with just this product. The " Moto Mirror " comes in black or red and fits any standard size 17MM bar. This parts sells for $60 Follow this link , or, enter "MM01" in our coupon/source code field to get an additional 10% off this part.

Carbon Parts for your Supermoto

A custom parts shop and fabricator , composite-art out in Florida is offering some high end carbon and kevlar parts for your high end supermoto. Composite-Art, is just that. Exquisite carbon parts for dirtbikes that would make most Ducati owners get a stiffy just by seeing this stuff. Rugged, immaculate carbon for your KTM and supermoto.

Some Beautiful KTM Supermoto Wheels all decked out in orange

DNA Racing is now offering all-anodized supermoto wheels in the standard OEM colors for each manufacturer: ORANGE, RED, BLUE, GOLD, GREEN, ETC. We got these in for inspection and they look great, and, DNA Racing has managed to shave off some pounds on their latest wheels. All for $819.00 Motostrano allows motorcyclists to convert their dirt bikes to supermoto for street or racing with thousands of parts to select from.

Felt Shelby Cruiser Bicycle

Felt sure has a way of appealing to motorheads. Their newest limited edtion, the Felt Shelby Cruiser is one nice bike. Of course, the auto world is falling all over this bike and for good reason. Great looks, limited edition status and those cool blue Shelby colors. What more could a car guy who wants to ride a bicycle ask for? Paying homage to the iconic Shelby image and brand , we went all-out on the limited edition Shelby Cruiser. Our designers took their cues from the wealth of Shelby racing traditions when developing the bike. The Shelby Cruiser features the legendary Wimbledon White and Guardsman Blue paint that adorned famed Shelby GT350. The bike is built around Felt’s hydro-formed aluminum tank frame and fitted with high performance three-speed Nexus internal gearing. 36 spoke wheels wrapped with “blue dot” tires impart a comfortable ride, and a proprietary Abraham Linkage Double Springer Fork affords fast and precise handling. Every detail on the bike is honed to the traditi

AGV Helmet 20% Off Trade In Deal

the anti-ratty helmet deal This is a good deal here. In a nutshell, this deal helps you get rid of that ratty old skank-lid you keep on your tool box or stuffed above your camping gear in the garage AND get 20% off a brand new AGV helmet all at the same time. We all have them. "Oh yea, that's my old helmet. I keep it around for passengers. See it's signed by Giacomo Agostini's great grandfather". Or, "Yea, lotta miles under that lid, I keep it for when I ride with a chick on the back". Or, "I just can't part with this thing. I've had it for ten years and only went down twice in it. It's still good, right?" No, it's not. Time to get a new lid dude. So, for a limited time, as in until June 15, in conjunction with AGV, Motostrano is offering you any new AGV Helmet at 20% off the standard retail price when you send in your old bruiser helmet as a trade-in. Here's how it works Look over at the scra

Helmets For Home Made Go-Karts

The current issue of MAKE Magazine (a personal favorite) has a feature article on home-built go-karts and backyard racers ( Roll Your Own ). Fun-packed home made creativity and fun with tools, many of us had these as a kid, either motor or pedal powered. Deep back in the dark dank crevices of my memory I can recall some kind of wooden gravity car that me and my dad worked on and I test-piloted down the hill in front of my house as a young boy. Whether it was the fact that it probably had no brakes, or possibly that the moving mammoth American cars of the 70's that I had to dodge in the middle of the street had no brakes, the cart didn't last long and I quickly moved on to safer activities, like skateboarding. MAKE covers some great ideas, gives some detailed build-plans and parts lists for making some awesome motorized fun. Making the stuff was half the fun. Riding and crashing it was the other half of the fun. And of course, back then, no one wore helmets while doing this kin

Motostrano- TXT Us! 650-918-6259

I don't know. I don't FEEL cutting edge , but there is something new, fun, different and exciting about being able to communicate to customers and prospective customers via instant text messaging. I know we're not the first to do this, but still, kinda cool. You may text us for anything at 650-918-6259. This goes to our office and our various wireless paraphernalia so we can respond (theoretically) to you question 24 hours. Back in 2002, Motostrano was one of the first retail companies to email you a receipt right there on the spot for in-store purchases. It freaked some people out and pissed off those dudes who share their email with their wife - well, lesson learned. Now, we can text local customers about orders ready for pick-up. We can respond to customers worldwide about order status or to provide price quotes. Generation Y likes to text. Motostrano now accepts your text messages. (650) 918-6259
Gimoto Previews the WAS+ Riding Suit Gimoto WAS+ suit The importance of wearing the proper safety gear is no longer a secret to riders, with all manufacturers seeking to develop new technologies that enhance the riders’ protection. From the same centre that designed an homologated airbag gilet ten years ago, Gimoto, comes a new riding suit, dubbed WAS+. The new product reportedly encompasses the highest levels of resistance to abrasion, impact cuts and tears and seam bursting, with no compromises in rider comfort and quality of fit. After a development lasting more than 1 year and after more than 400 tests have been carried out, the WAS+ suit was confirmed as exceeding CE EN 13595 level 2 – in all sizes and colours including made-to-measure. Arm and leg zones are high risk zones, that require CE homologated impact protectors ('body armour'). Two levels of performance are specified for clothing providing protection against road impacts: clothing designed to give some protectio

Gimoto - Custom Italian Motorcycle Clothing

Motostrano has re-introduced GIMOTO motorcycle riding gear to the US market with the complete line of off-the-rack and custom motorcycle clothing products for racers and street riders. Gimoto , based in Northern Italy, makes custom motorcycle racing suits, jackets, pants and gloves for track and street use. For the past ten years, Gimoto has quietly been making a name for itself in Europe and abroad as maker of fine motorcycle clothing, using latest manufacturing techniques and styles. Motostrano began importing GIMOTO wear in 2003, delivering custom motorcycle racing suits, jackets and pants to the US market with rave reviews. The recession caused custom suit sales to decline, so the company took a pause from offering GIMOTO in the USA. With the recession now over and people getting back on bikes, customers are again asking for well-fitting leather suits for street riding, track days and racing. Gimoto is being reintroduced to the American market and is now imported exclusively by M

If The Boots Fit

If The Boots Fit Motostrano has been selling motorcycle boots for nearly 9 long years. I didn't think of myself as becoming a high tech shoe salesmen when I started this company, but in fact that's what happened, in part And I've come to like that aspect of what I do. I like shoes. I like boots. They let us do what we want to do in comfort and safety and there's something "bionic" about motorcycle boots when you start to analyze them. Motorcycle boots are highly technical pieces of body armor localized at your feet. Without them, think of your feet, unprotected, dangling in the air Motorcycle Boots If The Boot Fits with the whir of four or five buzz saws not 5 inches away, moving around, up and down. That's how I think about it. Kind of like ski boots, but you can't walk in ski boots. Ski boots are kind of lame that way. Motorcycle boots are sort of like what you get when you want a running shoe designed for a cross country race on a volcano on a pla