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Trail Tech Voyager GPS

Wow, Trail Tech just released a GPS system. Called the Trail Tech Voyager GPS , this system is full integrated and bike specific, built for motorcycles. Question: Voyager kits include physical sensors, magnets, and other cables. Why does the unit need this if it’s a GPS? Answer: You can use Voyager handheld without any sensors connected. However, physically bolting Voyager to your vehicle provides many advantages over what you are used to in a “standard” GPS. Power from the machine enables several integration features, such as extended run-time and maintenance-free charging. (Voyager can be run using only the internal battery and charged with a wall charger.) The engine temperature sensor monitors the health of your machine and enables two major features: engine temperature diagnostics and over-temp warning LEDs. The ignition sensor tells Voyager when the engine is running. This enables logging of tracks only when engine is running and tachometer display features. The wheel sensor ca

CRG Lane Splitter - Top Selling Mirror 6th Year In A Row!

PRESS RELEASE CRG Lane Splitter - Motostrano Top Selling Mirror 6th Year In A Row! NOVEMBER 5, 2011. REDWOOD CITY, CALIFORNIA. For the 6th straight year in a row, CRG's Lane Splitter bar end mirror has won the MOTOSTRANO Top Selling Mirror Award, it was announced today.   CRG (CONSTRUCTORS RACING GROUP) manufacturers the Lane Splitter mirror for sport bikes, cruisers, standard, supermoto and dual sport motorcycles. CRG Lane Splitter mirrors are sold via the Amazon web site and in Motostrano's Redwood City, California facility. CRG Lane Splitter mirrors are designed to be functional yet sleek in design, mounted on the end of the handle bar for an unobtrusive look, while still allowing for excellent field of vision. With a convex design and adjustable folding arm the CRG Lane Splitter literally folds in to provide ample clearance while splitting lanes down your favorite congested California freeway. CRG Lane Splitter mirrors retail for just $89.99. Order yours today. ABOUT M

Alpinestars Red Bull T-Shirts!

We got the scoop on a limited range of Official Red Bull Alpinestars t-shirts and a hoody that will be shipping at the end of this month. Get an order in now, because these things will SELL OUT well before you find your arm stuffed inside the back end of a giant turkey hunting for left over entrails Thanksgiving morning. It may even be too late already. Think about it- when is that last time you've seen official licensed sportswear with the two most loved brands in motocross pasted in big bold colors for all to see? Here's the answer to that question: NEVER unless the number on your MX bike is 199. Alpinestars Red Bull Grit T-shirt Alpinestars Red Bull Carmel T-Shirt Alpinestars Red Bull Triumphant T-Shirt Alpinestars Red Bull Grit Hoody