Cheap Helmets

they get the job done

It seems any rider with a discussion forum profile has an opinion about cheap helmets. "You get what you pay for". "Do you have a $100 head to match your $100 helmet?". But the fact is that manufacturing techniques and helmet material technologies have all gotten less expensive in the last few years, despite the fact that Arai offers a $800 helmet in this down economy. This has helped helmet makers offer more and more helmets at lessor and lessor cost.

So, we are on the side of cheap helmets, if it gets more riders on two wheels, lowers the cost-barrier for more folks to get on a motorcycle. Let's face it, many of us got into this activity because it's cheaper than other forms of motorized transportation, so things that keep costs down - like cheap helmets - are a good thing for the sport.

Our top selling "cheap helmet" line has traditionally been Z1R Helmets. Z1R has held fast to it's price point, letting you buy a DOT approved full face street helmet for $100. Our second helmet brand to offer cheap helmets is AFX Helmets. AFX has been around quite a while and also offers some low cost helmets for street and dirt riders. In fact, you can pick up a full face street helmet from AFX for just $59.95. That's a bargain.

Please also check our TwoWheelSteals web site for super blow out bargains.

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