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While supplies last, we have a great deal on a great leather jacket from Alpinestars . The ATL Jacket is on sale for just $199.00, marked down $150 for your close-out buying pleasure. Dude! You're gettin a deal! Here's the specs: Relaxed fit, all-round leather riding jacket. 1.2-1.4mm full grain perforated leather panels for increased cooling on shoulders, inner arms and upper back. Alpinestars flat, multiple stitched pattern, main seam construction for max tear resistance. Removable CE elbow and shoulder protectors. Relaxed fit with pre-curved sleeves for riding comfort. Chest pad compartment with PE padding. Back pad compartment with PE pad (CE RC back protector available). Low collar with multi panel construction and mesh insert for comfort. YKK zippers. Die cut vents. Silicone rear logo. Removable thermal vest with internal pocket layout. Check it out! . And, if that's just too slick for, dig around some more in our close-out section for more deals. <

FACTOID: Tire Weights

I was hefting around some tires here at the shop today and noticed that the Avon Distanzias are heavy! Very heavy! So, I weighed them and compared them to the Conti SM REAR AVON DISTANZIA 150/60HR-17 16.2 lbs REAR CONTI SM 150/60HR-17 12.1 lbs FRONT AVON DISTNAZIA 120/70-17 10 lbs FRONT CONTI SM 120/70-17 9.2 Conclusion- for a DRZ or other lighter weight street supermoto, a 4 lb difference on the rear and almost a lb on the front is no small amount of lard to be carrying around on such a slim bike.
Pirelli Scorpion trail tires for on off pavement excursions SCORPION TRAIL: PERFORMANCE PROGRESSION FOR THE ENDURO SEGMENT This segment was born during the 1980s when BMW GS had begun wining the most important African rallies, using resistant motorcycles with a 21" enduro tire on front. Soon these big motorcycles started to meet the street for long distance tours and the natural progression of their usage has modified the fitment: larger tire on the rear and a smaller 19" on the front. Today, the segment of enduro is one of the strongest in the market, and BMW GS series is the unquestioned market killer. Other manufacturers are trying to enter the segment bringing back the off road heritage as Tènèrè, V-Storm or TransAlp, or introducing aggressive style bikes like Benelli Tre1103K or Moto Morini Granpasso. As motorcycle manufactures are renewing their offers bringing in new models able to evocate to the rider the freedom and the power of following his own imagi

Cheap Helmets

they get the job done It seems any rider with a discussion forum profile has an opinion about cheap helmets. "You get what you pay for". "Do you have a $100 head to match your $100 helmet?". But the fact is that manufacturing techniques and helmet material technologies have all gotten less expensive in the last few years, despite the fact that Arai offers a $800 helmet in this down economy. This has helped helmet makers offer more and more helmets at lessor and lessor cost. So, we are on the side of cheap helmets, if it gets more riders on two wheels, lowers the cost-barrier for more folks to get on a motorcycle. Let's face it, many of us got into this activity because it's cheaper than other forms of motorized transportation, so things that keep costs down - like cheap helmets - are a good thing for the sport. Our top selling "cheap helmet" line has traditionally been Z1R Helmets. Z1R has held fast to it's price poi