Valentino Rossi Chicken Helmet

would you like your eggs sunny side up or scrambled?

Chickens are weird creatures. I know, because I have a couple that peck and scratch around in my yard all day long. They look at you with that sense of fear and mistrust that comes from absolute assurance that you're about to chop their head off and throw them on the rotisserie at any minute. They're stubborn, friendly, curious and hard working. They also produce lots of crap.

So it is perhaps fitting, in some way (I don't know how yet), that AGV would release its latest iteration of the limited edition Valentino Rossi helmets, featuring a giant chickensmack in the middle of the top of the helmet.. Designed once again by Vale's faithful designer and friendAldo Drudi. Only 300 or so will ever come to the United States, so if you miss out on this release, better brush up on your Italian so you can pay more and get it abroad.

The AGV Rossi Chicken helmet is shipping NOW. Buy to own, to wear and to collect. Once again, Rossi and AGV have created something very special and unique for the motorcycle community. Motostranohas been pre-selling this helmet already for about 3 months, but with the helmet shipping now, it's a great time to stop procrastinating and get that order in.


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