The Conversion Factor - Supermoto

The Conversion Factor

Motostrano's Supermoto Conversion kits help make getting into Supermoto easy and more affordable. With twelve kits to select from, it's easy to select a package that is right for your project, whether you're just getting into it and want something affordable, or you want to go all out and build a full blown race bike based on the same parts used professional racers. And if you're looking at our web site and reading all the gibberish on the chat boards about this or that and still can't figure it out, pick up the phone, or send us an email and we'll be happy to steer you in the right direction.

Our basic supermoto kit, the Bare Bones supermoto kit is on sale currently and this kit includes everything you need to do the supermoto thing without breaking the bank: wheels, tires, tubes, supermoto fender, big front rotor, rear rotor and sprocket, plus all required mounting hardware. Other kits offer lighter weight wheels, as well as tubeless options depending on your budget.

Motostrano has been offering supermoto parts and accessories for the past seven years, based on the best parts available, supplying parts to professional and amateur supermoto racers and street riders all over the world. Check us out. has been updated again too!


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