Wolfman luggage

Stuff it

Motostrano is one of the few companies in the nation to actually stock Wolfman luggage. How do we know this? You might think we have a team of spies that go from shop to shop and travel around the country taking logs of the various products our competition sells and then this team sends in reports. Very Spy vs Spy. But no. We know this because from where I sit I'm always hearing customers in our store say "oh, you actually stock Wolfman luggage? Cool!" or "see, these guys sell Wolfman, which is a cool dual-sport brand of luggage. They are the only guys I know that stock them."

Wolfman luggage is a small manufacturer of a wide range of motorcycle soft luggage built with the dual-sport and world trekker in mind. Their luggage reminds me a lot of kayaking luggage with a liberal use of waterproof plastic and rubber. They've designed their bags to hold giant amounts of gear that gets strapped to large multi-purpose motorcycles as they go long distance to far away lands. It's rugged and designed for objects of all sizes. It's made to take some damage in a crash and some bags are made to withstand water submersion - for when the native canoe you've tied your BMW 1200GS using substandard jungle vine cracks in two, causing you and your bike to slip into snake infested river water.

You'll find the complete Wolfman catalog at Motostrano.com here.



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