Yoshimura for your BMW S1000RR

Yoshimura and BMW are two brands you may not always think of as making the perfect cocktail to drown out your earthly sorrows, but think again and throw a little sushi into your sourkraut- you never know, it just might taste great.

Yoshimura did their homework and came up with some interesting parts for the BMW S1000R. And why not? No one else is making them.

Once we buy the perfect bike (you know, the one about which we tell our wives: "Honey, this is the perfect bike, the last one I'll every buy and it's got everything on it, doesn't need a thing, not like all those other bikes I had that needed all those aftermarket parts I had to buy.") besides actually riding it, you're going to have to spend a lot of time in the garage just looking at it and stuff.

Now, if you own a BMW S1000R, you can turn those idle hours gazing at your bike into productive time spent improving on perfection.

Yoshimura has both a slip-on exhaust for the S1000R and a number useful aluminum parts that bolt on easily.


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