Felt HOT Wheels Sixty-8 Cruiser

One hot, I mean, cool bike

Felt makes some pretty cool cruisers. Some may even think they're rad. Perhaps the "king of cool", Felt's "HOT Wheels Sixty-8 Cruiser" model is the epitome of a custom cruiser bicycle in a low-rider style, made awsomely. Known for their use of huge fat tires, the Hot Wheels model is no exception, with the big fat Felt "Thick Brick" white-wall tires front and back. While not quite as huge as the massive 3 inchers on the El Guapo, the Hot Wheels holds it own with a custom paint job, fabricator style framing, disc brakes front and rear and low straight like handle bars. .

I like to picture myself riding this bike on a hot and sunny day, in rush hour traffic, on one of my busier downtown boulevards. I'm wearing a big flat bill cap, big black sunglasses, big tats down my arms, giant comb sticking out the back of my jeans and I have this giant ice cream cone in one hand. Then I slide up to this red light where two dudes on Harleys are sweltering in their leathers and I just look over at them and nod.
The Hot Wheels features a "Rust-Free Aluminum Monocoque Tank Frame" and stuff. And it comes with the "hotwheels' decorative black custom license plates too. It also features an MX-style side stand that fits into the axle. Yea, it's that cool. Way too cool for a regular kick stand.
This bike is a 3-speed with a compact cassette hub w/14mm Axle. No sprockets. Just smooth gearing using the shifter located on the down tube. Like we said. It's cool.
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