CRG Arrow Mirrors

Constructors Racing Group (CRG) recently put out their new Arrow Mirrors. The CRG Arrow Mirrors are some solid bar end mirrors, ideal for sport bikes, standard, naked and supermoto.

The Arrow mirrors fit to standard 7/8 bars and can either mount to the bar itself on the outside or inside of your grip, or to a bar end, or to a CRG mirror adaptor

These mirrors are solid and have a good feel to them. They seem to be made out of the same metal as the ever-popular classic CRG bar end mirrors.

According to CRG: "Aerodynamic styling in billet aluminum construction gives a superior, unobstructed view of the road behind. In keeping with the exceptional quality of all CRG products, the Arrow Bar End Mirror is an eloquent and minimalist design. Will fit any handle bar with sufficient clearance beyond the grip or use with specially designed barends. The Arrow Mirror can be positioned for optimal viewing without concern of movement during high speed runs or excursions over rough roads. Sold Individually -Unique multi-position mounting -Aerodynamic design -6061-T6 aluminium CNC machined billet construction -Automotive quality convex mirror glass -Anodized aluminum -Stainless steel hardware -Made in the U.S.A."


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