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Yoshimura for your BMW S1000RR

Yoshimura and BMW are two brands you may not always think of as making the perfect cocktail to drown out your earthly sorrows, but think again and throw a little sushi into your sourkraut- you never know, it just might taste great. Yoshimura did their homework and came up with some interesting parts for the BMW S1000R . And why not? No one else is making them. Once we buy the perfect bike (you know, the one about which we tell our wives: "Honey, this is the perfect bike, the last one I'll every buy and it's got everything on it, doesn't need a thing, not like all those other bikes I had that needed all those aftermarket parts I had to buy.") besides actually riding it, you're going to have to spend a lot of time in the garage just looking at it and stuff. Now, if you own a BMW S1000R, you can turn those idle hours gazing at your bike into productive time spent improving on perfection. Yoshimura has both a slip-on exhaust for the S1000R and a number useful al

CRG Arrow Mirrors - great aftermarket mirrors for your motorcycle

Constructors Racing Group (CRG) recently put out their new Arrow Mirrors. The CRG Arrow Mirrors are some solid bar end mirrors, ideal for sport bikes, standard, naked and supermoto. The Arrow mirrors fit to standard 7/8 bars and can either mount to the bar itself on the outside or inside of your grip, or to a bar end, or to a CRG mirror adaptor These mirrors are solid and have a good feel to them. They seem to be made out of the same metal as the ever-popular classic CRG bar end mirrors . According to CRG: " Aerodynamic styling in billet aluminum construction gives a superior, unobstructed view of the road behind. In keeping with the exceptional quality of all CRG products, the Arrow Bar End Mirror is an eloquent and minimalist design. Will fit any handle bar with sufficient clearance beyond the grip or use with specially designed barends. The Arrow Mirror can be positioned for optimal viewing without concern of movement during high speed runs or excursions over rough roads. Sold

Felt HOT Wheels Sixty-8 Cruiser

One hot, I mean, cool bike Felt makes some pretty cool cruisers . Some may even think they're rad. Perhaps the "king of cool", Felt's " HOT Wheels Sixty-8 Cruiser " model is the epitome of a custom cruiser bicycle in a low-rider style, made awsomely. Known for their use of huge fat tires, the Hot Wheels model is no exception, with the big fat Felt "Thick Brick" white-wall tires front and back. While not quite as huge as the massive 3 inchers on the El Guapo , the Hot Wheels holds it own with a custom paint job, fabricator style framing, disc brakes front and rear and low straight like handle bars. . I like to picture myself riding this bike on a hot and sunny day, in rush hour traffic, on one of my busier downtown boulevards. I'm wearing a big flat bill cap, big black sunglasses, big tats down my arms, giant comb sticking out the back of my jeans and I have this giant ice cream cone in one hand. Then I slide up to this red light whe