Tooting our own horn

For 8 years, Motostrano has subscribed to a review service that allows our customers to openly and honestly rate their experience with our company. Unlike other companies, we have no control of the reviews there and can't edit bad ones or good onces, as the whole thing is run independently by Yahoo. We review these reviews constantly to gauge how we are doing. Most customers don't review us at all. Fortunately , most reviews are positive and we've maintained a 98% or 99% positive feedback status for the past 8 years. We've had our fair share of negative reviews too, and to be perfectly honestly with, the really bad reviews are usually about things like men's underwear or similar products. So it's always nice to get a really nice review like this one today:

"Little story of how my trip snuck up and bit me in the ass and Motostrano helped a fella out.

I was going on a trip with some friends that we had been planning for ‘bout 3-months when a week before D-day I realize I needed an exhaust for my bike and hadn’t even ordered it yet. Research had been done and the exhaust was already removed, but I got busy before I tracked down a decent price.

I thought I was going to have to pay full retail price locally in order to get it with enough time to install it and we all know that just plain sucks. I talked to my local guy who was almost as helpful as a bagful-of-assholes. So back to the interweb I went surfing, floating and slowly drowning then I stumbled on to Not only did the “About Us” page say they cared about customers but the price was the best I had found. I figured what the hell I might as give well them try. Gonna make an assumption and say that we all hate doing things twice, but I figured if I needed to I could put the stock exhaust back on then tear it off and install the new one when I got back, whatever.

So, I ordered it on a Saturday w/ overnight shipping and sent an email asking them to “please notify me if there is any problem and it will not ship by Wednesday at the latest.” Went to work Monday with full expectations of calling them on my lunch, them saying that they would have to get back to me, then killing a couple more days playing phone tag only to have it ship out 2-days too late with no hope of using the overnight shipping charge I already paid for; or something to that effect. However, they actually called me (3-minutes after they opened Monday) and told me it was at another warehouse and would require special shipping to reach them in time to fit my timeline.

Long story shortened up just a bit, I ended up getting the whole kit with 2-days to spare because of their great service and fast shipping. Like my wife, you too may be thinking “two overnight shipping charges was a heavy price to pay for piss poor planning.” But little does she know I still came out $250 less than going with my local shop who wouldn't even guarantee that it would be here on time.

Anyway, sorry if this was long winded but I don’t normally do reviews and the fact that I made it on my trip without doing work twice and saved 250 bones in the process makes me giddy as a school girl. Bottom line: It was an awesome product at a kick-ass price with excellent customer service. Give ‘em a shot, I did and now I’ll always check them first."


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