2010 Supermoto USA NW Series Schedule

Its that time again, the start of race season where you look at your calendar
and say where the hell is the race schedule? The lack of a published schedule
is making every one ansty and rumors are flying around as to what is going on
within our community.

Let me give you the skinny on what is going on with the Supermoto USA NW series.
We have reestablished our relationship with the management of the Pacific GP facility.
PGP will continue to be our "home" track and is open for supermoto practice daily
(see pacificgp.com for exact details).

PGP is also establishing a local series to run exclusively at PGP, utilizing the SMUSA NW rule book and class structure.
In fact, our may 16th event will share points between the regional series and the pgp series.
SMUSA NW could not be happier to have this opportunity to share in the utilization of this top notch
facility and in the benefits of the consistency of a well established rulebook.

In additon to the local series, SMUSA NW will go back to its roots in covering the region. We will be offering
6 different facilties over the course of the year for your racing enjoyment. Everywhere from PGP, to
Evergreen Speedway with the monster trucks to Renegade Raceways in Yakima to our keynote event @ EK days in July.

Its not without trepidation that we undertake this endeavor (go to wikpedia.org to look up those words if you must).
We know that the economy sucks for everyone. We know there has been some infighting in the community
about certain facilities and certain personalities (myself included!).

We also know this this is a make or break season for our entire sport. There is no pro series
(or very limited) this year and groups all across the country are shrinking.
There are pockets of growth, we are hoping to rekindle this interest and the participation our area.

We are also aware that now you as a rider have choices, we are no longer the exclusive source of Supermoto
in the Washington area. Being a supermoto rider in Washington no longer means you have to be a racer,
with the construction of the excellent facility at PGP, many are making to choice to be track day riders
and forgo racing all together, or only choosing to race events that are within x miles of their homes.

We are well aware that all the possibilities could lead to a dilution of the racer pool, to the point
that no series could be successful. We at SMUSA NW, WHR Motorsports and Pacific GP are fighting hard to
prevent this. We want to ensure our sports survival locally by whatever means we can.
Its your job as a racer to show up and (and bring friends to spectate or try it out) support the races
that you can, so you will have the opportunity to race again next year.

So, enough with the doom and gloom, lets get to the fun part. Racing.
Here is where and when you can.
2010 Supermoto USA NW Series:
Round 1 - Sunday, April 18th Ephrata Raceways WHR Motorsports All Supermoto USA classes
Round 2 - Sunday, May 16th Pacific GP WHR Motorsports All Supermoto USA classes.
Round 3 - Fri-Sat, May 28,29th Evergreen Speedway
Practice on Friday with a Team Race, racing on Saturday.
Round 4 - Sunday, June 6th Packwood - All Supermoto USA classes
Round 5 - Sunday, July 11th Renegade Raceways, Yakima Wa (brand new track.. additional details will be posted).
Practice Saturday, Racing sunday.
Round 6 - Thurs-Sat, July 22/24 Evil Knievel Days, Butte Montana WHR Motorsports .
The streets of Butte, Montana in front of thousands of spectators.
Round 7 - Sat-Sun, August 7/8 Renegade Raceways
Practice Saturday, Racing sunday.
Round 8 - Sat-Sun, Sept 11/12 Renegade Raceways, Yakima Wa
Practice Saturday, Racing sunday.
Season Finale. Sat-Sun, Oct 2/3 Renegade Raceways, Yakima Wa
Practice Saturday, Racing sunday.

PGP Series:
May 16 - Pacific GP
Seattle Round #2 - June 27 - Pacific GP
Seattle Round #3 - July 18 - Pacific GP
Seattle Round #4 - August 29th - Pacific GP
Seattle Round #5 - September 19th - Pacific GP

As usual, we will keep the www site (www.supermotousa.net) up to date with any late breaking information.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email at ron@ronwest99.com.

For directions and any last minute updates see: http://www.supermotousa.net


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