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Supermoto Wheels For BMW G450X

Motostrano now has supermoto wheels available for the BMW G450X . Available in either silver or black hubs, with black rims. Excel rims on Talon hubs.

Tooting our own horn

For 8 years, Motostrano has subscribed to a review service that allows our customers to openly and honestly rate their experience with our company. Unlike other companies, we have no control of the reviews there and can't edit bad ones or good onces, as the whole thing is run independently by Yahoo. We review these reviews constantly to gauge how we are doing. Most customers don't review us at all. Fortunately , most reviews are positive and we've maintained a 98% or 99% positive feedback status for the past 8 years. We've had our fair share of negative reviews too, and to be perfectly honestly with, the really bad reviews are usually about things like men's underwear or similar products. So it's always nice to get a really nice review like this one today: "Little story of how my trip snuck up and bit me in the ass and Motostrano helped a fella out. I was going on a trip with some friends that we had been planning for ‘bout 3-months when a week before D-da

2010 Supermoto USA NW Series Schedule

Its that time again, the start of race season where you look at your calendar and say where the hell is the race schedule? The lack of a published schedule is making every one ansty and rumors are flying around as to what is going on within our community. Let me give you the skinny on what is going on with the Supermoto USA NW series. We have reestablished our relationship with the management of the Pacific GP facility. PGP will continue to be our "home" track and is open for supermoto practice daily (see for exact details). PGP is also establishing a local series to run exclusively at PGP, utilizing the SMUSA NW rule book and class structure. In fact, our may 16th event will share points between the regional series and the pgp series. SMUSA NW could not be happier to have this opportunity to share in the utilization of this top notch facility and in the benefits of the consistency of a well established rulebook. In additon to the local series, SMUSA NW wi