Alpinestars Partlor Boots - White Collar Motorcycle Boots

Due out this Spring, the new Alpinestars Parlor boots are designed for the rider who must have a boot he can use both on and off the bike, while also adhering to certain office-attire standards at work. It's a motorcycle riding boot that looks nothing like a motorcycle riding boot, yet it performs just like a motorcycle boot should.

Features: a water-resistant leather upper and lining, elastic panels and a side zipper. The Parlor offers a steel shank in the sole for reinforcement and an inner foam shift pad on the left shoe.

We motorcyclists must always be on the ready and this boot offers the kind of preparedness that today's high-powered businessmen, doctors, lawyers, managers and fashionistos require in a demanding world.

Picture, if you will, yourself in the middle of a sweaty palmed sales presentation in the conference room of your favorite low-rise office building. With your suit, tie and the Parlor boots, you convey the outward appearance of a dependable and respected member of the business community, projecting the image of your average and trustworthy 4-wheel freeway commuter, probably a BMW 5 series owner. With the help of these boots, you feel confident that whatever it is you are selling will be sold.

Yet, deep within, you know, as you deliver your closing pitch, your inner beast is thinking only of a celebratory post-meeting ride on your Ducati through your favorite twisty backroad and out to the coast for steamy beers and fresh oysters over a long lunch, with the hot blonde taking notes at the end of the table riding on your passenger seat.

That's the type of boot this is.


Unknown said…
"with the hot blonde taking notes at the end of the table riding on your passenger seat"...and by 'hot blonde' I assume you mean 'gay man' - because these boots are flaming queer. Remember when Alpinestars used to be cool???
motostrano said…
uh, well no. But I do remember having to wear a suit and non-casual shoes to work, however, and back then these boots would have come in handy.
Ashley Shaun said…
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