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1st Annual Pure MX Racer Warm-Up

Hosted by US Open Champion Greg Schnell & Doni Wanat March 3 rd , 4 th & 5 t h Pure MX Park, Montalba Texas Concept: Pure MX will host the first ever racer warm up for Lake Whitney & Oak Hill. 3 days of racer preparation with overseen timed laps, organized sprint motos, pursuits, racer critique and advice. General practice sessions will be held each day with organized racer training running late morning to early afternoon. Rider advice & competition pointers will be discussed with each racer individually. Open discussion at the end of each day for parents and participants. Merge racing will be on-site to help with suspension & overall bike set up. Some of the Merge Technologies racers will also be participating in the warm-up, including Honda Houston rider Jeremy Kress and Suzuki ri

Alpinestars Velocity Leather Jacket

For a great looking and feeling retro style jacket, we are recommending the Alpinestars Velocity Jacket . Orange if you ride a KTM or a Harley. White stripe for any other bike. Soft shiny leather and soft bio armor keep this jacket looking like the old moto jackets of yesteryear while maintaining the protection standards of today.

More 2010 Alpinestars

A few weeks ago my ten year old son and I flew down to Los Angeles to check out the new products that Alpinestars is releasing to the US market. As one of Alpinestars' big US dealers we get to preview new product releases before the rest of the world. Naw, we didn't make some goofy video about it, but we had a great time. Got dined, wined and indoctrinated by multiple members of the Alpinestars sales army and then my son and I bolted off to Disneyland to go ride the rides and get lost in the fantasy of it all. I'll tell you this, if you haven't been to Disneyland lately, take the time to get down there. It's truly the happiest place on earth. The 2010 offering from Alpinestars is extensive. Most of the items from 2009 are being carried over and today 48 more products were made available. There are some cool new jackets for men, a very nice jacket for the ladies, some new footwear, body armor and accessories to check out in this release and you'll find them avail

Alpinestars Partlor Boots - White Collar Motorcycle Boots

Due out this Spring, the new Alpinestars Parlor boots are designed for the rider who must have a boot he can use both on and off the bike, while also adhering to certain office-attire standards at work. It's a motorcycle riding boot that looks nothing like a motorcycle riding boot, yet it performs just like a motorcycle boot should. Features: a water-resistant leather upper and lining, elastic panels and a side zipper. The Parlor offers a steel shank in the sole for reinforcement and an inner foam shift pad on the left shoe. We motorcyclists must always be on the ready and this boot offers the kind of preparedness that today's high-powered businessmen, doctors, lawyers, managers and fashionistos require in a demanding world. Picture, if you will, yourself in the middle of a sweaty palmed sales presentation in the conference room of your favorite low-rise office building. With your suit, tie and the Parlor boots , you convey the outward appearance of a dependable and respected