SD Test Bike launches supermoto track days and tours

SD Test Bike launches supermoto track days and tours

Introducing We've spent the last 6 years riding around in circles (literally) at the dmv. Well we added a couple of shiny supermoto bikes and now offer tours hitting the back hills and canyons of San Diego, as well as turn key supermoto track days. The days are set up to be all inclusive including bike, liability insurance, gas, fees, and instruction. Just show up and ride.

We've done all kinds of riding from cruising on Harleys, to road racing, to mx days, and honestly nothing compares to the pure fun of ripping around on a supermoto bike. Details below, we hope you'll join us for a ride.


Supermoto Tours

With our adventure tours we take our favorite roads and type of riding, and wrap it into a one day adventure tour. We'll hit the world class roads and trails that San Diego is famous for, as well as plenty of hidden gems. We'll cover everything from high speed sweepers on sticky smooth roads, to technical single track dirt riding, and everything in between. Our tours are limited to only 2 people per day, and are custom tailored to your riding level and preference.

You'll find your self riding along secluded mountain ledges, high speed firetrails, and fast smooth twisties that our bikes eat alive. Bike, insurance, and tour guide included for only $199. We keep speeds to a "spirited" pace, and focus on having fun and exploring. All you need to do is show up with your riding gear, we take care of the rest. Click here

$199 per day including bike, insurance, and professional guide.


Supermoto Trackdays

Socal Supermoto Trackdays

Our supermoto trackdays are designed to introduce the average street/dirt rider to the insanely fun world of supermoto track days. You will become a better rider, and you will have an absolute blast. Currently we use Adams Kart track in Riverside CA, and occasional Grange Motor Circuit in Victorville.

Just $199 per day! includes:

  • Track fees
  • Supermoto bike set up for the track (on busier days we share/rotate through the bikes, don't worry, you will get all the tracktime you can handle!)
  • Instruction: basic supermoto riding techniques, track prep, track etiquette.
  • Trackside photography of your session so you can show off to your friends.

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