New Luggage from Wolfman Luggage

bark at the moon!

Wolfman luggage makes excellent extreme adventure riding luggage for the rugged individualist type, world traveler- multi-terrain- over-lander- dakar trekker types. These riders are hard core. They don't shower much, except when it rains doing 70 on some old camel trail on the Sahara. They ride in any kind of weather, long distance (tens of thousands of miles) any type of terrain and when they get stuck on a trail, the United Nations or Bill Clinton usually have to get involved with helicopters to get them out. Yet, even these guys require a change of underwear once in a while and for that Wolfman Luggage creates heavy duty adventure motorcycle luggage that will hold anything and lots of it.

For the new year, Wolfman has introduced a number of bags for the two wheel motorized world traveler. The Expedition Dry line of luggage has been updated. There's also a new giant duffel called the Double Ended Duffel Bag. The Teton Saddlebags look great. You'll also find some new panniers and tank bags to store more gadgetry than you can possibly own on that big bike of yours! You'll find the the complete line of Wolfman Luggageon our web site.


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