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Buy him a gift certificate

Motostrano offers online buying of Gift Certificates that make it easy to give moto-related holiday gifts to your loved ones. Order online and send the Gift directly to your friends email address . Great when you know they want moto stuff, but have no idea what to get them. Here are some other gift ideas for this holiday: Motorcycle gloves - riders always need them and no single gloves works for all occasions. Here's a chance for you to get some nice winter riding gloves, or some waterproof gloves, or some new road race or warm weather gloves. Motostrano has them all. Casual apparel - it's cold so grab your honey a hoodie, or a new beanie. Exhaust - a new exhaust for the right rider on the right bike will bring smiles a mile wide to your buddy Tools - moto specific tools are helpful and great to have around Wheels - for that budding supermoto rider, some new 17 inch wheels will make him indebted to you for life. Jackets - a new motorcycle jacket is always helpful. Riders li

Christmas Gift Ideas for Motorcyclists

Buying Christmas gifts for motorcyclists is always a challenge. This task is made particularly difficult because most folks buying gifts for motorcyclists don't ride themselves and typically don't know anything about motorcycles . You may have a list of things the recipient wants, you may not. It's not easy talking with the personnel at some motorcycles stores, which is why we make it easy for you you if you call our store. We'll try to help you get the right size, color or the the right fitting part for your loved ones motorcycle. Here are some gift ideas worth thinking about. All of them available at for fast shipping and easy ordering. Motorcycle gloves - riders always need them and no single gloves works for all occasions. Here's a chance for you to get some nice winter riding gloves, or some waterproof gloves, or some new road race or warm weather gloves. Motostrano has them all. Casual appare l - it's cold so grab your honey a hoodoe, or

Trail Tech Voyager GPS

Wow, Trail Tech just released a GPS system. Called the Trail Tech Voyager GPS , this system is full integrated and bike specific, built for motorcycles. Question: Voyager kits include physical sensors, magnets, and other cables. Why does the unit need this if it’s a GPS? Answer: You can use Voyager handheld without any sensors connected. However, physically bolting Voyager to your vehicle provides many advantages over what you are used to in a “standard” GPS. Power from the machine enables several integration features, such as extended run-time and maintenance-free charging. (Voyager can be run using only the internal battery and charged with a wall charger.) The engine temperature sensor monitors the health of your machine and enables two major features: engine temperature diagnostics and over-temp warning LEDs. The ignition sensor tells Voyager when the engine is running. This enables logging of tracks only when engine is running and tachometer display features. The wheel sensor ca

CRG Lane Splitter - Top Selling Mirror 6th Year In A Row!

PRESS RELEASE CRG Lane Splitter - Motostrano Top Selling Mirror 6th Year In A Row! NOVEMBER 5, 2011. REDWOOD CITY, CALIFORNIA. For the 6th straight year in a row, CRG's Lane Splitter bar end mirror has won the MOTOSTRANO Top Selling Mirror Award, it was announced today.   CRG (CONSTRUCTORS RACING GROUP) manufacturers the Lane Splitter mirror for sport bikes, cruisers, standard, supermoto and dual sport motorcycles. CRG Lane Splitter mirrors are sold via the Amazon web site and in Motostrano's Redwood City, California facility. CRG Lane Splitter mirrors are designed to be functional yet sleek in design, mounted on the end of the handle bar for an unobtrusive look, while still allowing for excellent field of vision. With a convex design and adjustable folding arm the CRG Lane Splitter literally folds in to provide ample clearance while splitting lanes down your favorite congested California freeway. CRG Lane Splitter mirrors retail for just $89.99. Order yours today. ABOUT M

Alpinestars Red Bull T-Shirts!

We got the scoop on a limited range of Official Red Bull Alpinestars t-shirts and a hoody that will be shipping at the end of this month. Get an order in now, because these things will SELL OUT well before you find your arm stuffed inside the back end of a giant turkey hunting for left over entrails Thanksgiving morning. It may even be too late already. Think about it- when is that last time you've seen official licensed sportswear with the two most loved brands in motocross pasted in big bold colors for all to see? Here's the answer to that question: NEVER unless the number on your MX bike is 199. Alpinestars Red Bull Grit T-shirt Alpinestars Red Bull Carmel T-Shirt Alpinestars Red Bull Triumphant T-Shirt Alpinestars Red Bull Grit Hoody
While supplies last, we have a great deal on a great leather jacket from Alpinestars . The ATL Jacket is on sale for just $199.00, marked down $150 for your close-out buying pleasure. Dude! You're gettin a deal! Here's the specs: Relaxed fit, all-round leather riding jacket. 1.2-1.4mm full grain perforated leather panels for increased cooling on shoulders, inner arms and upper back. Alpinestars flat, multiple stitched pattern, main seam construction for max tear resistance. Removable CE elbow and shoulder protectors. Relaxed fit with pre-curved sleeves for riding comfort. Chest pad compartment with PE padding. Back pad compartment with PE pad (CE RC back protector available). Low collar with multi panel construction and mesh insert for comfort. YKK zippers. Die cut vents. Silicone rear logo. Removable thermal vest with internal pocket layout. Check it out! . And, if that's just too slick for, dig around some more in our close-out section for more deals. <

FACTOID: Tire Weights

I was hefting around some tires here at the shop today and noticed that the Avon Distanzias are heavy! Very heavy! So, I weighed them and compared them to the Conti SM REAR AVON DISTANZIA 150/60HR-17 16.2 lbs REAR CONTI SM 150/60HR-17 12.1 lbs FRONT AVON DISTNAZIA 120/70-17 10 lbs FRONT CONTI SM 120/70-17 9.2 Conclusion- for a DRZ or other lighter weight street supermoto, a 4 lb difference on the rear and almost a lb on the front is no small amount of lard to be carrying around on such a slim bike.
Pirelli Scorpion trail tires for on off pavement excursions SCORPION TRAIL: PERFORMANCE PROGRESSION FOR THE ENDURO SEGMENT This segment was born during the 1980s when BMW GS had begun wining the most important African rallies, using resistant motorcycles with a 21" enduro tire on front. Soon these big motorcycles started to meet the street for long distance tours and the natural progression of their usage has modified the fitment: larger tire on the rear and a smaller 19" on the front. Today, the segment of enduro is one of the strongest in the market, and BMW GS series is the unquestioned market killer. Other manufacturers are trying to enter the segment bringing back the off road heritage as Tènèrè, V-Storm or TransAlp, or introducing aggressive style bikes like Benelli Tre1103K or Moto Morini Granpasso. As motorcycle manufactures are renewing their offers bringing in new models able to evocate to the rider the freedom and the power of following his own imagi

Cheap Helmets

they get the job done It seems any rider with a discussion forum profile has an opinion about cheap helmets. "You get what you pay for". "Do you have a $100 head to match your $100 helmet?". But the fact is that manufacturing techniques and helmet material technologies have all gotten less expensive in the last few years, despite the fact that Arai offers a $800 helmet in this down economy. This has helped helmet makers offer more and more helmets at lessor and lessor cost. So, we are on the side of cheap helmets, if it gets more riders on two wheels, lowers the cost-barrier for more folks to get on a motorcycle. Let's face it, many of us got into this activity because it's cheaper than other forms of motorized transportation, so things that keep costs down - like cheap helmets - are a good thing for the sport. Our top selling "cheap helmet" line has traditionally been Z1R Helmets. Z1R has held fast to it's price poi

Valentino Rossi Chicken Helmet

would you like your eggs sunny side up or scrambled? Chickens are weird creatures. I know, because I have a couple that peck and scratch around in my yard all day long. They look at you with that sense of fear and mistrust that comes from absolute assurance that you're about to chop their head off and throw them on the rotisserie at any minute. They're stubborn, friendly, curious and hard working. They also produce lots of crap. So it is perhaps fitting, in some way (I don't know how yet), that AGV would release its latest iteration of the limited edition Valentino Rossi helmets , featuring a giant chicken smack in the middle of the top of the helmet.. Designed once again by Vale's faithful designer and friend Aldo Drudi . Only 300 or so will ever come to the United States, so if you miss out on this release, better brush up on your Italian so you can pay more and get it abroad. The AGV Rossi Chicken helmet is shipping NOW. Buy to own, to wear and to collect. Once aga

The Conversion Factor - Supermoto

The Conversion Factor Motostrano's Supermoto Conversion kits help make getting into Supermoto easy and more affordable. With twelve kits to select from, it's easy to select a package that is right for your project, whether you're just getting into it and want something affordable, or you want to go all out and build a full blown race bike based on the same parts used professional racers. And if you're looking at our web site and reading all the gibberish on the chat boards about this or that and still can't figure it out, pick up the phone, or send us an email and we'll be happy to steer you in the right direction. Our basic supermoto kit, the Bare Bones supermoto kit is on sale currently and this kit includes everything you need to do the supermoto thing without breaking the bank: wheels, tires, tubes, supermoto fender , big front rotor, rear rotor and sprocket, plus all required mounting hardware. Other kits offer lighter weight wheels, as well as tubeless o

ICON Krazy Klown

ICON's new Alliance helmet, the Krazy Klown, is absurd, psychopathic and pretty cool. Not sure if it was modeled after this guy or this this guy . This is what they say "Coulrophobia, or in laymen's term, a completely rational fear of clowns. It's an extremely common condition usually instigated by a youth spent near carnivals, hobo encampments, or fast food restaurants. Whatever the cause there is no known cure. Some will tell you that clowns are merely actors with facepaint. Wrong. All clowns are evil demonic demons and desire nothing more than to eat you alive - you know, for fun. Those aren't idle ramblings of the Iconic mind, those are facts. All world standard, meets or exceeds the following: DOT FMVSS 218 (US), ECE 22-05 (Europe), SAI AS1698 (Australia) & SG (Japan) safety and testing standards. Does not ship with SAI or SG certification stickers unless purchased in that country. Injection molded Polycarbonate shell Wind tunnel tested and refined Molde
vious Item | Next Item PREVIEW ITEM. Not yet orderable. AGV AX8 DUAL Helmet . This is a Dual sport, Supermoto helmet. Features a peak and visor. Use off road without visor. Visor is removable to use helmet as a standard street helmet. 3 size SSL shell (FIBERGLASS KEVLAR CARBON). Integrated ventilation system with wide channels hollowed directly in the shell. 5 front air vents, 2 lateral air intakes and 2 rear extractors. Fully removable and washable inside padding. Adjustable peak system, patented by AGV. Dry-lex comfort fabrics with hygienic treatment. Double D titanium retention system.

NEW: Alpinestars Mert Leather Jacket

s Item | Next Item The Alpinestars Mert Jacket is cut from supple, 1.1mm full-grain leather for the optimal combination of • durability, comfort and abrasion resistance. Large perforated panels promote airflow within the jacket for extra • riding comfort. Adjustable and removable CE certified elbow and shoulder protectors • provide high levels of impact protection. Additional protection afforded by PE foam padding in the chest and back • pad compartments. Removable thermal wind breaker vest liner offers true year round • comfort capability. Wrist and waist adjustment allow a tailored fit. • Waist connection zipper allows connection to a wide range of • Alpinestars leather and textile pants.

Alpinestars Durban

For the Fall 2010 season, Alpinestars has upped it's footing in the adventure touring arena with the Alpinestars Durban Gore-Tex Jacket and Alpinestars Durban Pants . Zip them together and pull them over some Alpinestars Durban Boots and you're one Durbaned-out dude. You might even say that you have been Durbanified. Alpinestars Durban Gore-Tex Jacket Multifabric shell construction. • Lightweight polyamide main construction. • Lightweight protective polyamide inserts. • Superfabric® ceramic coated welded reinforcements. • Zippered air intakes and rear air exhausts on the sleeves, chest and shoulders. • Articulated elbow construction. • Detachable sleeves. • Two waterproof external pockets on front of jacket. • Multiple fit and volume adjustment. • Removable Paclite Gore-Tex® membrane with micro-fleece inserts. • Removable rear large utility pocket. • Lightweight, removable CE certified elbow and shoulder protectors. • Chest and back pad compartments with PE protective padding

2 New Headlights For Supermoto

What species are you? They've been a long time coming, but they are finally here. Moose Racing's new supermoto and dual-sport headlights are now in stock. If you are one of the patient few who've waited for these with us for the past 6 months, our hats off to you. A pretty patient and even well-mannered bunch, surprisingly. If you were chomping at the bit and waiting to pull the trigger, wait no more. > The Moose Species headlight is the most popular of the two so far. A little bug-eyed and alienish. Universal fitting with anti vibration rubber straps. Protective transparent polycarbonate lens for off-road use. Heat resistant plastic headlight support. Spot light fitted with a 55w Halogen bulb. Flood light is fitted with a 55w halogen bulb and a 55w incandescent bulb. Lots of light! The Moose Warrior headlight is the runner up and also a great looking light. More robot than alien, the Warrior is something out of an old Sci Fi flick. Also features a universal fitting a

ICON Speedmetal Variant Helmet

Next Item No one was really sure when it first became self-aware. A dark form cresting the artifical horizon between digital and analog. The predictions were all true of course. Malevolence at a scale not conceivable by a sentient being. The thing was upon us and there would be no redemption. Welcome to the ICON Variant: SPEEDMETAL Helmet at * All world standard, meets or exceeds the following: DOT FMVSS 218 (US), ECE 22-05 (EUROPE), SAI AS1698 (AUSTRALIA & SG (JAPAN) safety and testing standards. Does not ship with SAI OR SG Certification stickers unless purchased from an authorized dealer in that country * Fiberglass/Dyneema/Carbon fiber shell * Long oval headform * Wind tunnel tested and refined * Anti-lift visor to reduce glare * Multiple oversized intake and exhaust ports * Molded EPS nose reduces shield fogging * Quick-change fog-free shield * Fully removable/washable Hydradry interior * Rear spoiler for reduced helmet buffeting

ICON Overlord Prime Leather Jacket

ICON Overlord Prime Prime Leather Jacket at For many years Icon has led the charge to conquer the moto leather market. Our unending quest for leather perfection has brought us to this point - the Overlord Prime. A chassis crafted from the finest cuts of Brazilian cowhide. The aggressive fit is complemented with engineered flex zones for unparalleled function. Precurved arms are set in a forward attitude to place you in an attack position, while strategically located plastic armor helps defend against the asphalt adversary. Finally, perforations and mesh panels combine for optimum operational temperatures. The Overlord Prime at, truly a garment crafted for the most hostile of engagements.* Icon attack fit * 1.2-1.4mm premium grade leather chassis * Removable Icon CE field armor impact protector elbow and shoulder * Icon external injected plastic protection on shoulders, elbows, and back * Removable Icon dual-density foam back pad * Gathered stretch panels

Wolfman luggage

Stuff it Motostrano is one of the few companies in the nation to actually stock Wolfman luggage . How do we know this? You might think we have a team of spies that go from shop to shop and travel around the country taking logs of the various products our competition sells and then this team sends in reports. Very Spy vs Spy. But no. We know this because from where I sit I'm always hearing customers in our store say "oh, you actually stock Wolfman luggage ? Cool!" or "see, these guys sell Wolfman , which is a cool dual-sport brand of luggage. They are the only guys I know that stock them." Wolfman luggage is a small manufacturer of a wide range of motorcycle soft luggage built with the dual-sport and world trekker in mind. Their luggage reminds me a lot of kayaking luggage with a liberal use of waterproof plastic and rubber. They've designed their bags to hold giant amounts of gear that gets strapped to large multi-purpose motorcycles as they go long distanc

Dirt Cheap Deals

Dirt Cheap Deals There's some smoking hot deals to be had in the Motostrano Outlet store right now. Our Outlet Store is where we move all of our in-stock clearance, over-stock and close-out items. All items are marked down typically 50% and some items are marked down as much as 80% off retail. All items are in stock ready to ship. Our Outlet store is currently selling HELMETS for up to 50% off and casual items like t-shirts and hoodies for as little as $5.00! There's Supermoto rotors for just $99 and plastics for 50% off. There's Alpinestars clearance pants , boots and suits online as well. Check it out , tell a friend. And, has been updated too.

Ziggy Marley Road Trip 2010

“It’s a historic moment for Africa. We’re gonna take a road trip through it.” These are the words of Ziggy Marley, eldest son of reggae superstar Bob Marley and heir to one of the most legendary families in music, on the historic motorcycle trip he took to Africa with his brothers, Rohan and Robbie, during World Cup 2010: the first-ever World Cup to be held in Africa. REV'IT! tested to the limit Camping under the stars and staying with local families kept the team close to Africa’s people, land, and wildlife, and their REV’IT! GORE-TEX® Defender GTX jackets and trousers kept the Marley brothers well equipped for all the twists and turns of their trip. Capturing all of the action was award-winning producer/director David Alexanian and his production crew from Elixir Films, for a series called Marley Africa Road Trip. Alexanian is known for filming Ewan McGregor’s unforgettable motorcycle trips across the world, in the series Long Way Round and Long Way Down, and he has created a won

WR450F, done

Got this email from our customer out in Vietnam who purchased a kit from us from half way around the world. Poetry. 37 PM (16 hours ago) boys it starts out borrowing LAMS kdx 5 months ago....i dreeam about how much i miss MX feel..after 3 sleepless nights of DREAM OFF ROADING u think about whats the best bike.. My YZ was beautiful but no lights and no electric start.. HONDA YAMAHA SUZKI KAWA KTM..DUCATI.. THE WR APPEARS THE ADVENTURE CONVERSION kits appears bec we need keep some off road roots when ride a MX er. MUST HAVE 'FMF' to give the 450 a lil sound and kick... beside the fact i havent found BLACK PLASTIC replacement it looks ok. sits lower then the mx tires..which is nice.. u defintly feel the weight of the ASERBIS protecters. thats the review is the machine..ready ride DIEN BIEN SAPA..anywhere with lots of fast curvy roads...or just go offroad and fly down soime fireroads..flexibilty boys ... btw ..the front motard fenders sucks..this is with

Supermoto RETURNS to San Mateo Fairgrounds

Supermoto Racing at San Mateo Expo (07/27/2010) New Motorcycles, Super Moto Racing, Demo Rides, Historic Race Bikes, Celebrities, Seminars and More The International Motorcycle Shows ® has partnered with Supermoto USA to bring a full weekend of Supermoto racing to the International Motorcycle Show’s second tour stop at San Mateo County Expo Center, November 19-21. International Motorcycle Show attendees in San Mateo will be entertained with indoor/outdoor Supermoto racing action on a dirt/asphalt combo course. READ MORE

Enter the Chicken

Motostrano has begun pre-selling the soon to be released AGV Valentino Rossi CHICKEN limited edition helmet. A classic Rossi helmet that will be highly collectible. Go get 'em. Details: This fantastic Valentino Rossi limited edition ‘The Chicken’ AGV helmet features the new ‘Chicken’ graphics that were worn by Rossi in celebration of his 9th World Championship, which he achieved in the 2009 Malaysian Moto GP. Valentino has been wearing this helmet design throughout winter testing and the helmet model used is the AGV GP Tech. This is the top of the range AGV helmet, that has been designed and developed with Rossi’s support. Please note that all our helmets are supplied with clear visors.Limited edition Super-light carbon-kevlar construction shell Cool max interior fabric Fully removable and washable interior padding and neckroll Clear, flat, anti-scratch and anti-fog polycarbonate Race X visor with tear-off system Extra quick release visor system, which doesn’t require tools Double

Yoshimura for your BMW S1000RR

Yoshimura and BMW are two brands you may not always think of as making the perfect cocktail to drown out your earthly sorrows, but think again and throw a little sushi into your sourkraut- you never know, it just might taste great. Yoshimura did their homework and came up with some interesting parts for the BMW S1000R . And why not? No one else is making them. Once we buy the perfect bike (you know, the one about which we tell our wives: "Honey, this is the perfect bike, the last one I'll every buy and it's got everything on it, doesn't need a thing, not like all those other bikes I had that needed all those aftermarket parts I had to buy.") besides actually riding it, you're going to have to spend a lot of time in the garage just looking at it and stuff. Now, if you own a BMW S1000R, you can turn those idle hours gazing at your bike into productive time spent improving on perfection. Yoshimura has both a slip-on exhaust for the S1000R and a number useful al

CRG Arrow Mirrors - great aftermarket mirrors for your motorcycle

Constructors Racing Group (CRG) recently put out their new Arrow Mirrors. The CRG Arrow Mirrors are some solid bar end mirrors, ideal for sport bikes, standard, naked and supermoto. The Arrow mirrors fit to standard 7/8 bars and can either mount to the bar itself on the outside or inside of your grip, or to a bar end, or to a CRG mirror adaptor These mirrors are solid and have a good feel to them. They seem to be made out of the same metal as the ever-popular classic CRG bar end mirrors . According to CRG: " Aerodynamic styling in billet aluminum construction gives a superior, unobstructed view of the road behind. In keeping with the exceptional quality of all CRG products, the Arrow Bar End Mirror is an eloquent and minimalist design. Will fit any handle bar with sufficient clearance beyond the grip or use with specially designed barends. The Arrow Mirror can be positioned for optimal viewing without concern of movement during high speed runs or excursions over rough roads. Sold

Felt HOT Wheels Sixty-8 Cruiser

One hot, I mean, cool bike Felt makes some pretty cool cruisers . Some may even think they're rad. Perhaps the "king of cool", Felt's " HOT Wheels Sixty-8 Cruiser " model is the epitome of a custom cruiser bicycle in a low-rider style, made awsomely. Known for their use of huge fat tires, the Hot Wheels model is no exception, with the big fat Felt "Thick Brick" white-wall tires front and back. While not quite as huge as the massive 3 inchers on the El Guapo , the Hot Wheels holds it own with a custom paint job, fabricator style framing, disc brakes front and rear and low straight like handle bars. . I like to picture myself riding this bike on a hot and sunny day, in rush hour traffic, on one of my busier downtown boulevards. I'm wearing a big flat bill cap, big black sunglasses, big tats down my arms, giant comb sticking out the back of my jeans and I have this giant ice cream cone in one hand. Then I slide up to this red light whe

Supermoto Wheels For BMW G450X

Motostrano now has supermoto wheels available for the BMW G450X . Available in either silver or black hubs, with black rims. Excel rims on Talon hubs.

Tooting our own horn

For 8 years, Motostrano has subscribed to a review service that allows our customers to openly and honestly rate their experience with our company. Unlike other companies, we have no control of the reviews there and can't edit bad ones or good onces, as the whole thing is run independently by Yahoo. We review these reviews constantly to gauge how we are doing. Most customers don't review us at all. Fortunately , most reviews are positive and we've maintained a 98% or 99% positive feedback status for the past 8 years. We've had our fair share of negative reviews too, and to be perfectly honestly with, the really bad reviews are usually about things like men's underwear or similar products. So it's always nice to get a really nice review like this one today: "Little story of how my trip snuck up and bit me in the ass and Motostrano helped a fella out. I was going on a trip with some friends that we had been planning for ‘bout 3-months when a week before D-da

2010 Supermoto USA NW Series Schedule

Its that time again, the start of race season where you look at your calendar and say where the hell is the race schedule? The lack of a published schedule is making every one ansty and rumors are flying around as to what is going on within our community. Let me give you the skinny on what is going on with the Supermoto USA NW series. We have reestablished our relationship with the management of the Pacific GP facility. PGP will continue to be our "home" track and is open for supermoto practice daily (see for exact details). PGP is also establishing a local series to run exclusively at PGP, utilizing the SMUSA NW rule book and class structure. In fact, our may 16th event will share points between the regional series and the pgp series. SMUSA NW could not be happier to have this opportunity to share in the utilization of this top notch facility and in the benefits of the consistency of a well established rulebook. In additon to the local series, SMUSA NW wi